As Lee Stranahan notes, it took the NY Times to vindicate Andrew Breitbart against the attacks led by Media Matters:

Many have noted the irony of Andrew Breitbart’s tireless work to expose the fraud and corruption in Pigford being vindicated by the liberal New York Times–but it’s less ironic than you might think. It actually fulfills Andrew’s vision on the farmers’ settlement story because Breitbart’s long term goal was that the liberal media would validate the story.

I should know; I’m the liberal that Andrew Breitbart hired to investigate Pigford….

Andrew knew that the Pigford scandal was something that was too big to just be covered by conservative media so when I suggested going on the road to do interviews with some key figures in the story, Breitbart took a leap of faith that a guy he’d just met who wrote for HuffPo and had done work for MoveOn would report the story honestly. Andrew had checked out the work I’d done on the John Edwards affair and could see I placed a higher value on truth than staying in lockstep with liberal messaging but still, it was a risk on his part and an example of his dedication to the truth.

A funny thing happened on the road, though; I stopped being a liberal.

Such is the transformative power of the farmers’ settlement story, which lays bare the moral bankruptcy of the left by showing their pretense of altruistic concern on race issues is really just a way to buy votes and line the pockets of lawyers and fraudsters. Knowing what I knew about Pigford, it was impossible to maintain any respect for President Barack Obama and his cohorts in corruption.

I asked you to Help me find Media Matters’ apology to Andrew Breitbart on Pigford, but there was none.

Today is Everyone Blog About Pigford Day.  Surely Media Matters would at least write about Pigford, even if it didn’t apologize.

But I can’t find Media Matters’ entry.  So help me, once again.

Media Matters Search Pigford 5-1-2013