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Help me find Media Matters’ apology to Andrew Breitbart on Pigford

Help me find Media Matters’ apology to Andrew Breitbart on Pigford

I don’t claim to be real good with the computer and the internet.  So it is entirely possible that I missed Media Matters’ mea culpa and apology now that even the NY Times has vindicated Andrew Breitbart on the Pigford fraud.

Please help me find Media Matters’ apology.

I searched the Media Matters’ website for all articles which included the term “Pigford” and it returned 33 results, many of which are listed below.  But there was no result since the NY Times article.

Media Matters Search Pigford 4-27-2013

I also searched the term “Breitbart” and it returned 1607 results, but nothing since the NY Times article about Pigford.

Media Matters Search Breitbart 4-27-2013

When Andrew Breitbart died, Eric Boehlert, the lead blogger at Media Matters — to his credit — had a very classy response unlike so many others in the left-blogosphere.

Twitter - @ericboehlert - death of breitbart

Now would be a good time for another classy response … an apology.

But I may have missed it.  So please help me find it.

Here’s a sampling of prior Media Matters articles on Pigford:


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Please help me find Media Matters’ apology.

I don’t think I’m up for that much of a challenge.

How about Bigfoot?

Isn’t Media Matters simply fulfilling Forrest Gump’s great prediction about how it and other like organizations act: “Stupid is as stupid does”

When what freezes over? They haven’t the character to carry the story, much less admit they were wrong.

Midwest Rhino | April 27, 2013 at 10:18 am

Media does matter, which is why the Soros propaganda tool “Media Matters”, fabricates stories which then can be picked up and called “news” by the networks. Coordination with the White House helps the whole team of subversives stay focused on the theme for each particular news cycle.

Pigford is just part of Obama’s efforts to redistribute wealth and offer reparations, while trying to keep it all “beneath the radar”. Playing the race card on Breitbart and Stossel is just part of a rear guard defense for their offensive wealth redistribution, aka “confiscation of traditional America”.

Pigford was a successful battle for the subversives … why would they apologize?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | April 27, 2013 at 10:52 am

Something to keep in the back of your mind is that Brock, Boehlert, and the rest of Media Matters are employees. They may believe in the mission, but they are merely agents acting at the behest of the megarich people and foundations that fund Media Matters. The foundations were created by capitalists who had accumulated great wealth, but the professionals who now administer the foundations and dole out the grants are run by leftist ideologues. Many graduated from the Ivy League and other elite universities that have been infected by leftist ideology the past 30-40 years.

The real string pullers at Media Matters are the TIDES Foundation, Ford Foundation, Soros Open Society Foundation, Sandler Foundation, the foundation that Bill Moyers runs, etc. If the foundations the fund Media Matters cared that Brock and Boehert wrongly and falsely smeared the reputation of a good man – Andrew Breitbart – they’d demand an apology be issued. But I doubt the foundations care. The goal is to continue transforming America from the individualist society it once was with a modest social safety net into a far more collectivist society in which the size and scope of government continues to expand. The secondary goal is to use the coercive force of government to take from the successful who worked hard to earn what they have and redistribute it to others to create more equal economic outcomes with a much broad “safety net”. Newt called it bureaucratic socialism, which is quite apt.

If any of the big foundations who pay Brock and Boehlert wanted them to issue an apology, an apology would be issued.

Pigford was a community organizer’s/Chicago thug’s wet dream, and Obama knew just what to do with it.

Be it also remembered that Vilsack(o’crap) was a NOMINAL Republican.

It will be studied in years to come, but not much now.

And Breitbart was right. As usual.

And Media Mutters (to itself in a dark, dank basement) was wrong. As usual.

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Professor Jacobson, you are probably searching in the wrong manner.

Here’s what to do: Find all the people who apologized to Michael Fumento years back when his claim that AIDS was not going to be a heterosexual problem and wasn’t going to be a national epidemic turned out to be correct.

Just see who apologized then and search through those names. I’m sure you’ll come up with as many people who apologized to Fumento as have to Breitbart. Just collate names and you’re there.

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Bravo, great post.

But you know, the facts weren’t all that hidden and obscure. This was just another big wealth redistribution, taxpayer money give-away scheme. We now live in a world in which we play Pretend.

Media Matters is an oxymoron. Despite the Left’s valiant efforts, the process of marginalizing the individual is incomplete. Welcome to the age of the citizen journalist.

I think MMfa was too busy covering the Gosnell murder trial to issue an apology. IYKWIMAITYD

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Oh come on, Bill! It is right between Obama’s academic record and Liawatha Warren’s Cherokee pedigree.

Hint: it is on the same page as the medals John Kerry legitimately earned (before he didn’t).

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[…] Help me find Media Matters’ apology to Andrew Breitbart on Pigford […]