I don’t claim to be real good with the computer and the internet.  So it is entirely possible that I missed Media Matters’ mea culpa and apology now that even the NY Times has vindicated Andrew Breitbart on the Pigford fraud.

Please help me find Media Matters’ apology.

I searched the Media Matters’ website for all articles which included the term “Pigford” and it returned 33 results, many of which are listed below.  But there was no result since the NY Times article.

Media Matters Search Pigford 4-27-2013

I also searched the term “Breitbart” and it returned 1607 results, but nothing since the NY Times article about Pigford.

Media Matters Search Breitbart 4-27-2013

When Andrew Breitbart died, Eric Boehlert, the lead blogger at Media Matters — to his credit — had a very classy response unlike so many others in the left-blogosphere.

Twitter - @ericboehlert - death of breitbart

Now would be a good time for another classy response … an apology.

But I may have missed it.  So please help me find it.

Here’s a sampling of prior Media Matters articles on Pigford:


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