ABC News blows the lid off the lies of the Obama administration regarding Susan Rice’s talking points.

That lid already had been blown off by Stephen Hayes, but now it’s in the mainstream media.

(added) The graphics in this clip demonstrate the media dam:

Someone is leaking to the press from inside the government, and those leaks may burst the damn media dam.

Expect furious pushback from those trying to preserve and protect Hillary 2016.

Update — A preview of ads to be run in 2016:

I think Ben Shapiro gets it right:

Via Noah Rothman, BBC North American editor admits the ABC report changes everything because not from the right wing:

In the interests of full disclosure I have to say I have not in the past been persuaded that allegations of a cover-up were a big deal. It seemed to me a partisan attack based on very little.

I remember listening to reports from the BBC and others at the time that did suggest the attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a rather puerile anti-Islamic video….

But the evidence is there in black and white, unless we doubt the documents obtained by ABC, which I don’t….

This is now very serious, and I suspect heads will roll. The White House will be on the defensive for a while.


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