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Are we distracted by scandals while Democrats walk away with the immigration amnesty prize?

Are we distracted by scandals while Democrats walk away with the immigration amnesty prize?

I received an insightful email from reader Karen Sacandy:

Dear Professor Jacobson:

I’m among your many grateful readers, but at this time, the Democrats are like Thomas Crown in the flick, “The Thomas Crown Affair,” who created a distraction over here, while over there, he was stealing a multimillion dollar painting.

But in this case, it’s a total transformation of the American people, by immigration law changes to aid and abet the non-enforcement we’ve had for decades.  All these abuses of power converging at this time are almost COMPLETELY distracting everyone who could bring pressure to bear to prevent the enactment of new law which without question – without question – will alter our demographics and governing philosophy to the point of no return.

I hope you’ll consider going in a new direction.

My response was:

I don’t consider the current fights irrelevant either in themselves or as to immigration. In fact, I think they are quite connected, and it’s possible to fight all at once.

To which she replied:

You may be right. But the bill in the Senate is doing, as they say, famously!

Thanks for the reply. ;^)))

Karen makes a very good point.

Key Republicans have buckled under. The Senate will pass the bill right under our noses.

It is a bad bill. I’ve written against it many times. A group of prominent conservatives recently signed a letter pointing out the deficiencies:

We have a variety of concerns; some of us share only one, others share all. Among these concerns are that the bill:

* Is bloated and unwieldy along the lines of Obamacare or Dodd-Frank;

* Cedes excessive control over immigration law to an administration that has repeatedly proven itself to be untrustworthy, even duplicitous;

* Legalizes millions of illegal immigrants before securing the borders, thus ensuring future illegal immigration;

* Rewards law breakers and punishes law enforcement, undermining the rule of law;

* Hurts American job-seekers, especially those with less education;

* Threatens to bankrupt our already strained entitlement system;

* Expands government by creating new bureaucracies, authorizing new spending, and calling for endless regulations;

* Contains dangerous loopholes that threaten national security;

* Is shot through with earmarks for politically connected interest groups;

* Overwhelms our immigration bureaucracy, guaranteeing widespread fraud.

Reforming our immigration system is an important priority. But S.744 is such a defective measure that it would do more harm than good.

The Gang of 8 bill, if it passes, will go down in history as a mistake as disastrous as Obamacare.  It must be stopped.

Democrats are playing the long game.  Republicans in Congress are acting like scared cats playing a short game for 2014 and 2016.

Update 8:10 p.m. — My back and forth with Karen was last night, but Greg Sargent at WaPo, a liberal blogger with deep Democratic sources, was thinking along the same line in his morning post today, As conservatives celebrate scandal-mania, immigration reform marches forward:

The celebratory tone among Republicans and conservatives caught up in Beltway scandal-mania continues this morning. But the real story is that behind all the hoopla, immigration reform continues to march forward, with conservatives suffering one defeat after another in their efforts to derail it. And that means the day is fast approaching when House Republicans will have to decide whether they are going to pass reform and suffer the consequences from their base, or take the blame for killing it….

This caps a period in which far right Republican Senators introduced amendment after amendment designed to undermine the core of reform, efforts that were slapped down by a bipartisan group of Senators, demonstrating that the coalition behind real reform seems to be holding….

The prospects for passing the bill out of the House are uncertain, to put it mildly. But some Dems think all the scandal mania actually improves the prospects for immigration reform. As one Dem remarked to me, by sucking up all the right’s energy and attention, it could distract conservatives just enough to sneak immigration reform past them.

I don’t know if that will prove true or not, but that dynamic does seem to be one that pro-reform GOP Senators are trying to use to their advantage. Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham, for instance, go before the cameras and rail about Obama’s scandalous, Nixonian conduct, then turn around and do the hard work — along with Mr. Amnesty himself, Chuck Schumer — of moving immigration reform past one conservative hurdle after another.

In other words, the people using the scandals to maximum advantage are not the Democrats, but McCain, Graham, Rubio, etc.


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It’s a very bad bill.

I’m an armchair activist with NumbersUSA and there is NOTHING in this bill that addresses the overall issue.

In fact, strict enforcement of all current laws would be far better for the hard working taxpayers/voters.

Shame on the Senate!

I fear Ms. Sacandy is correct. Distract, dismiss, deny and yell squirrel at regular intervals. Repubs are either complicit or stupid. If this immigration bill passes say hello to official one-party rule forever.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to wyntre. | May 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    ….and we can’t rely on the Boehner in the House to stop it. He might shed a tear over it, but he’s already basically on board.

    Rubio needs to step away from this. The senate panel also just approved welfare for all these amnesty “immigrants”. maybe he should use that as an out: “We can’t afford it.” Then he can be a hero.

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | May 22, 2013 at 12:28 pm

BRAVO for Professor Jacobson!

RE: “I don’t consider the current fights irrelevant either in themselves or as to immigration. In fact, I think they are quite connected, and it’s possible to fight all at once.”

The way I look at it, if Schumer is involved in anything, it’s absolutely no good. I think this has tarnished Rubio’s image too.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Rosalie. | May 22, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Tarnished Rubio’s image? That could only happen if Rubio had pretended to be anything else but pro-illegal alien from jump.

    Rubio, like Obama, reminds us that there are suckers on both sides. People fall for a story, which is just PR spin. Nobody who had looked hard and seriously at Rubio would have regarded him as anything else but what he is, a duplicitous so and so.

    As for the Senate GOP, they are what they are, dickless wonders who don’t have the sense they were born with. Hopefully, Ted Cruz and Tim Scott can filibuster the bill.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | May 22, 2013 at 12:43 pm

I’m with Karen on this one, too.
Their stance on illegal immigration is the reason Repubs have been dead to me for some years now. It is a shame that we don’t have at least one of the major parties looking out for Americans.

It gets even worse when you juxtapose this immigration bill with the real Common Core implementation and the higher ed and graduate focus on equality of credentials. Real differences in abilities and skills among individuals because of differences in backgrounds become “discriminatory and suspect” because all backgrounds are not equal.

It means that the only way to close the achievement gap is to shift the classroom focus away from academics to social and emotional learning. That in turn gets used to manipulate a belief that the US Constitution needs to be reinterpreted to create equal opportunities for all. To provide amnesty while simultaneously pushing social citizenship is cultural suicide.

Especially with curricula like “Facing History” deliberately misportraying history to cultivate a belief in victimization. Or the omnipresent “10Cs: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change” dominating the graduate education programs to be foisted by administrators and principals into classrooms.

Remember what john a powell said was really intended by the term integration–transforming the majority culture. That means jettisoning everything that made us great. Instead of trying ti fix the inevitable flaws.

Immigration with social citizenship and no obligation to adapt in the least is suicidal. Doesn’t anyone in politics read the small print? It is just as binding.

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I R A Darth Aggie | May 22, 2013 at 1:01 pm

They haven’t walked away with jack, yet.

Oh, you thought the bill would be killed in the Senate? really? even if the Republicans wanted to filibuster it, it would still pass. There are too many Republicans trying to be liked for being “bipartisan”.

The only place to kill it is in the House. And if I were Boehner, I’d spike the bill tell Reid we wouldn’t be taking it up until he gets an actual budget passed and maybe a couple of other House initiated bills that haven’t seen the light of day in the Senate.

Expecting Boehner to act like a conservative, rather than an establishment Republican, is liking expecting your cat to sing the national anthem. The destruction of our country is written into this bills details and, with the passage of this bill in the House, the end of America the Beautiful.

Henry Hawkins | May 22, 2013 at 2:01 pm

Por mi parte Bienvenido nuestra nueva Horda de señores del sur.

    JimMtnViewCaUSA in reply to Henry Hawkins. | May 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Google translate says “I for one welcome our new southern overlords.”

    Well, google translate is _never_ that good…but that’s the gist. 🙂

Without addressing the motive for immigration, it also sanctions the causes in the immigrants’ home nations. This amnesty effort will ultimately hurt people in America and the immigrants’ nations.

The bill is about as bad as the referenced film remake.

Henry Hawkins | May 22, 2013 at 4:29 pm

It’s like 1986 never happened. This is a carbon copy of it: amnesty now, border security later, but the later never happens. GOP, thy name is appeasement, which never ever works.

As a supposed conservative rising star, Marco Rubio is dead to me.

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[…] that’s why you should worry about the GOP using the cover of scandal to make a deal with Democrats on key legislation, most notably immigration reform. The great terror of congressional Republicans […]

These scandals were going to come out at some point but the Obama Administration doesn’t want them to leak out over a long period of time, nor does it want to wait until the 2014 elections are imminent. Thus, I agree the mass release of these scandals were planned to distract from the only legislation that Obama really wants in his second term.

Furthermore, the Democrats will win no matter what because the Senate Republicans (excluding Cruz and Cornyn) are embracing immigration reform. Thus, the Democrats win if they can get this legislation through the Senate (as it appears they will), even if the House says no, because then they can demonize the heartless anti-immigrant House Republicans for the next election cycle. And the Democrats will obviously win if they can pressure the House to accept some form of immigration reform.

The Obama Administration’s motto is Forward! and they don’t care if we’re looking backwards at their scandals.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to DRJ. | May 22, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    The GOP, stupid as it is, is not so stupid as to trade away its base for a slightly higher percentage of the Hispanic vote. The Senate Banda de los Ocho bill will die in the GOP House, because the base will scream bloody murder and House Dems won’t compromise away a single component except little things like the color of paper the bill is printed on.

Even our focus on this issue is distracted — we don’t want to face it or deal with it and we must. Until this hits the House, we;ll have little chance to change it — we’ve been sold out in the Senate. But when it does get to the House, we have to have a plan.

Assuming that something will pass — sooner or later something will — we need to have a set of Musts and be consistent about it. Right now the organization is on one side and they’re winning. What do we want as a price for legalizing the illegals? Sending them all home isn’t really an option any longer.


1. A secure border, with legalization only after some benchmark has been achieved.

2. Real reform of Mexican immigration that allows job-hunting Mexicans a way to get in legally and deters immigration by dependents, particularly the elderly. Currently our system does the opposite by giving dependents priority.

3. An absolute, lifetime bar on citizenship by adults who came here illegally. Legal status, yes, work permits, yes, citizenship, never, ever, ever. Children brought in illegally before some age exempted.

4. An end to Mexican restrictions on Americans in Mexico. Property and business ownership, equal rights, etc, so long as the entry was legal.

5. English fluency requirements, and repeal of any law mandating employment of non-English speakers.

6. Serious penalties for illegal immigration in the future. A year on a road gang before permanent expulsion, that kind of thing.

Just saying NO won’t work — the problem is too large to ignore. But we need to get enough limits and conditions so that legal immigration is always the preferred method in the future.

“Democrats are playing the long game. Republicans in Congress are acting like scared cats playing a short game for 2014 and 2016.”

On long game, with respect to immigration, Republicans in Congress are united with Democrats.

May I be so bold as to suggest that Congress is currently doing the peoples’ business in investigating the Benghazi horror and the IRS abuses and that the Democrats and their sympathizers within the Republican party are taking advantage of the situation by trying to ramrod the Gang of 8’s (isn’t it wonderful that in this age of political correctness, we allow virtually EVERYBODY to use part of a phrase which figured so prominently in Red Chinese politics for a number of years?) immigration amnesty bill through. One solution is for the majority leadership in the House and the minority leadership in the Senate to SHUT THE CONGRESS DOWN. Use their own powers of persuasion and those of their (hopefully appropriately named) whips to shut down everything but the scandal investigations. Once those matters are taken care of, then, maybe they can allow work to be restarted on immigration. From the beginning.

I would believe that Establishment Republicans stood by while the IRS savaged TEA Party groups. That served the Establishment Republicans. In the same way they will sell out ordinary citizens. Establishment Republicans are as much a part of the problem as the socialist-leftist-Democrats.

What surprises me, but shouldn’t, is the way the Black leadership is willing to roll over on this.* Do they think for a minute that as Mexicans come to dominate the Democratic Party that Blacks are going to be loved by Mexicans? No. I knew a fellow who worked for a unionized telecom. If a Black woman became the manager of a mostly Hispanic department, that department was soon Black. The same worked in reverse. Look at the Washington Metro. It is almost all Black. They don’t do Affirmative Hiring of Hispanics, the hire Blacks.

*Not really. Black leadership has been willing to sell out their people on abortion. Sanger won over Black pastors, and Planned Parenthood targets Blacks. There are sting recordings of supposed racists asking if their donations to Planned Parenthood will only go to aborting Blacks, and the answer they have gotten is yes.

[…] As Prof. Jacobson pointed out, passage of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill would be as disastrous as Obamacare. It might actually be worse. Obamacare still isn’t fully implemented, and there might be a slim chance of repealing it in the future. But how will they repeal amnesty granted to millions of immigrants? It would be impossible. But for some reason, there has been very little mention of how the bill is marching its way through the Senate while our attentions are turned to the many scandals of the corrupt Obama administration. […]

Rubio’s career as a GOP rising star is done, and deservedly so.

John Boehener should be tarred and feathered.

How quickly our nation is accelerating in its spiral down.

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[…] Are we distracted by scandals while Democrats walk away with the immigration amnesty prize? ( […]