My wife screamed “sick in the head” when we saw this on the local news tonight.

We’ve previously covered the gun-shaped breakfast pastry and a pencil pointed like a gun.

Now this:


A Palmer, Massachusetts, 6-year old faced detention and suspension, and was forced to write an apology letter for bringing a GI Joe Lego toy gun the size of a Quarter onto a school bus:


A plastic LEGO-sized gun caused a disturbance on a Old Mill Pond Elementary School bus Friday morning.

Mieke Crane is the mother of the 6-year-old kindergarten student who brought the gun on the bus.

“I think they over-reacted totally. I totally do,” said Crane.

Another student on the bus saw the toy and yelled to the driver.

“She said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,” said Crane.

The school sent home a letter to parents of students who take the bus explaining what happened. It stressed no gun was on the bus and there was never any danger.

The letter also has photo of the toy showing it’s actual size, which is slightly larger than a quarter.

“I could see if it was you know, an air soft gun or some sort of pistol or live bullets or something. This is just a toy,” said Crane.

She is upset with how her son is being disciplined. She says he had to write an apology letter to the driver, has detention on Tuesday and could be temporarily suspended from the bus….

School officials, however, eventually decided not to discipline the 6-year old after the mother’s protests:

A kindergarten student that was supposed to get detention for bringing a Lego sized gun onto a school bus Friday morning is no longer being disciplined by the school for the incident.

Mieke Crane, the boy’s mother, says he was worrying about his detention all weekend, but is relieved it’s not happening.

“He smiled when we told him, he was very excited when we told him he didn’t have to serve the detention,” said Crane….

“She [the principal] looked at the tape, the children were not standing up hollering, nobody was ducking, no one was screaming he has a gun. The little boy raised his hand properly the first time,” said Crane.

Originally, when the school learned about the incident Friday they had the six-year-old write an apology letter to the driver.  They also gave him detention that was scheduled to be served Tuesday along with a bus ticket.

A letter explaining what happened was also sent home to the parents of the students on that specific bus.

If we could save just one child from this mental abuse, shouldn’t we take that step?

Update: Palmer boy was 3rd Massachusetts kindergartener in 4 months to run afoul of ‘zero tolerance’ school gun policies .


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