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Saturday Night Card Game (“Bigot!” is the new “let me convince you of the wisdom of my argument”)

Saturday Night Card Game (“Bigot!” is the new “let me convince you of the wisdom of my argument”)

The number of topics in which an attempt to have a discussion of opposing viewpoints is shut down by a fusillade of taunts of “bigot” seems to be multiplying.

On the gay marriage issue, the Most important legacy of Obama’s gay marriage switch was freeing Dems to play the “bigot card”.  Once a viewpoint, held by Obama less than a year ago, is redefined as bigotry, the discussion is over, as John Fund pointed out last fall, The New Blacklist.  It has been a very effective tactic.

We see the same thing on immigration, where the term “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” was declared racist even though the term describes a legal status which is race neutral.  Nonetheless, AP has caved in to the pressure and no longer will use the terms.

David Sirota of, who we previously wrote about because of his obsession with “white privilege,” engaged in a Twitter rant this week accusing people of being a “bigot” — it was so crazed that even liberal Twitterers shook their figurative heads in disbelief.

Twitchy had some of the action, here are more:


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Interesting. I DON’T hear any dog whistle.

But Meowreen Dowdy and David Sirota DO.

Ergo, who are the dogs here…???

Angelo Codevilla explains:

The common, unifying element of the several country class’ sectors is the ruling class’ insistence, founded on force rather than reason, that their concerns are illegitimate, that they are illegitimate. The ruling class demonizes the country class piece by piece. Piece by piece it cannot defend itself, much less can it set the country on a course of domestic and international peace, freedom and solvency. None of the country class’ politically active elements can, by themselves, hope to achieve any of their goals because they can be sure that the entire ruling class’ resources will be focused on them whenever circumstances seem propitious.

The whole piece is worth reading.

Codevilla voices a grim, knitting-by-the-guillotine determination. I hope he’s correct but I’ve witnessed—and, more recently, experienced—a postReagan quarter century of conservative ineptitude at coalition politics.

    gs in reply to gs. | April 6, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Codevilla is well worth reading, but I posted the link because of a brain hiccup. Eluding my memory was Pat Caddell’s warning that America is “pre-revolutionary” and “on the verge of an explosion”. The probability is not high, but one more piece of ruling-class gross incompetence just might set things off, especially if they compound their malfeasance by giving us sneering Harris-Perryesque homilies as they demand more power.

radiofreeca | April 6, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Sirota is racist against Blacks, because large numbers of Hispanics becoming legal workers will hurt African-Americans more than other groups, because of the already high unemployment numbers in the African-American community.

That’s the dog-whistle he hears.

He’s just a racist, trying to hide it by calling others racist.

LukeHandCool | April 6, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Mistreated Guatemalen illegal immigrants in southern Mexico sleep peacefully in their squalid camp beds at night knowing really rough Yank journ-o-lists like David Sirota stand ready to do PC Twitter violence on their behalf.

Well, actually on their Mexican oppressors’ behalf, but … shut up, America is just evil, you bigot.

Another liberal f-tard pussy. Pre-internet the scrotum licker would be unknown and have been punched in the face repeatedly.

bigot = sanctimonious hypocrite

A bigot is someone who supports amnesty without accountability, in American, Mexico, etc. The bigot support displacement of American men, women, and children, and demonstrate a bias for a class of immigrants. The bigot ignores the causes for around one million people to leave their homes, including: corrupt governments, criminal cartels, and fanatical activists (e.g. environmental). The bigot supports a selective rule of law which sponsors corruption of governments, institutions, and individuals.

Sirota seems to have an ulterior motive to favor illegal aliens over legal aliens and Americans. Perhaps he should address causes rather than treat symptoms. That would be helpful to all people, in America, Mexico, etc., now and in the future. His unsupportable slander does not help anyone but himself.

    n.n in reply to n.n. | April 6, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    The bigot exploits differentials (e.g. gender, ethnicity) and gradients (e.g. class) to advance their political, economic, and social standing.

The guy is writing like he’s drunk.

Liberal projection at its finest. That they would keep conservatives out of politics, entertainment, and education, by nearly any means necessary is bigotry in the classic definition. That they would lie about and discredit conservative ideas, and plain language discussion of Rule of Law issues are just a couple examples of their radical, extreme bigotry.

Upon further reflection, I think Sirota has a point. Why do we call people who violate our emigration laws “illegal”. We call other people who violate our laws “criminal”. Perhaps we should change the language and call illegal aliens “criminal aliens”. Alien because they are from a foreign land. Criminal because, like other people who violate our laws, they are criminals, and treat them accordingly.

Also, in the spirit of equal language, we should call people who commit elective abortion “murderers”, since they are committing an act of premeditated murder, and people who support or facilitate abortion (e.g. pro-choice) as accessories to the crime.

Yes, I think Sirota has a point. There is no reason for arbitrary distinctions between one class of criminal and another, between one class of murderer and another, between one class of accessory and another. We need a uniform code of semantics in order to be fair.

    the problem is a first time offense for violating immigration laws is a civil offense not criminal.
    how damned stupid is that?
    once deported if the person comes back then its a criminal offense.
    I say make it a criminal offense right from the start.

      n.n in reply to dmacleo. | April 7, 2013 at 12:47 pm

      The real problem is that we are not addressing harm to Americans and America caused by excessive (i.e. exceeding the rate of assimilation) legal immigration and unmeasured illegal immigration. The first serves to corrupt our culture. The second serves to corrupt our government. Both of which serve to sponsor progressive corruption of our society and the aliens’ societies.

      The real problem is that we are ignoring the causes which motivate around one million people to leave their homes and enter another nation illegally, including: corrupt governments, criminal cartels, and fanatical activists (e.g. environmental). The NIMBY (Not In My Backyard), out-of-site and out-of-mind, etc. principles do a disservice to Americans, Mexicans, etc.

        Now you’re getting to the crux of the problem! Any other sovereign nation would treat the massive influx of foreigners as invaders, and treat them as such. If we were truly concerned about national security, we would be profiling them, detaining them, and exporting them back to their country of origin. And building a wall, real or technological that would keep them from returning in the same way they first arrived. That would be the nice way.

        Other sovereign nations would treat them as enemy combatants and execute them on the spot to send the message “do not come here without going through the real and proper channels of immigration.”

        Although illegal immigrants are not doing military harm to the United States, they are doing harm to the American electorate. Tax dollars better used elsewhere are used to turn these illegal immigrants into a massive drain on the country’s resources.

I say the problem comes from the inability of liberals to understand words & facts – they’re so wrapped up in feelings and emotions. Too many of them have lost touch with reality while trying to pretend that the unicorns and lotus blossoms they want in their world actually live in the here and now with us.

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