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Injecting racial politics into the Newtown, CT, murders

Injecting racial politics into the Newtown, CT, murders

Whatever the many issues involved in the Newtown, CT, murders, one of the issues does not seem to be race. 

A white shooter who, based on current accounts, had serious mental illness and personality disorders, killed his white mother to get her lawfully licensed guns, in order to kill almost entirely white kindergarten students and teachers.  The response has been an outpouring of national grief, and what is sure to be a hot debate as to how to prevent such actions in the future.

It takes intellectual strain to inject racial politics into this event.  David Sirota of, previously mentioned here for his “white privilege” rant against Tagg Romney, managed to do so (via Mediaite):

Hayes said the thought that policy makers in Washington will be moved to do something about this tragedy. He said he could envision lawmakers calling for a more invasive surveillance regime.

Sirota agreed, but said that the political impediment to that was the fact that most mass shooting suspects are white.

“The issue with it will be, politically, I think; the profile is white men,” Sirota said. “That’s a profile that’s not, essentially, in America allowed to be profiled. That’s the one profile in America that’s not allowed to be profiled.”

Sirota said that he thought that, if the shooter belonged to a different demographic, the debate about how to address this mass shooting would be “much uglier.” Hayes agreed.

Sirota closed by wondering if the Republican party would have the same reaction to this event and policy recommendations to address it as they did to a report by the Department of Homeland Security raising question about the threats posed by right-wing militias. “Republicans said, ‘this is a way to demonize white America’ or ‘good, god-fearing America,” Sirota said.

Sirota’s racial politics ploy fit in nicely with Chris Hayes’ scoffing at the notion of better monitoring of the mentally ill.  The problem is not dangerously mentally ill people who are protected by privacy and other laws, but the evil white man trying to protect his own!

I told you that mental illness would not be addressed seriously, even though mental illness with warning signs of danger is a pattern in these mass murders.  I had not anticipated that the race card would be the factor that got in the way.


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Does the “M” in MSNBC stand for Mentally-ill?

The Left will leave nothing alone because to them everything always involves THE CAUSE. Which to them is perpetually bigger and bigger government with full control over the people.

“Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato” (“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”)

    raven in reply to pfg. | December 16, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Correct. Nothing else will be discussed because this, as every issue, is about only one thing — leveraging more power out of tragedy and crisis for their holy totalitarian cause. Honest discussions aimed at effective solutions are useless to them, even a problem, thus a non-starter. In fact, the speed and remorselessness with which they now turn every issue to their advantage has a self-fulfilling aspect to it.

    We have passed well beyond the realm of coexistence with these people. America as we knew it is gone. Some of us are getting this fact. Republicans in Washington, as a group, are not; our “leaders” are not getting it. This is very bad. I’m beginning to believe we don’t have enough time or the consolidated understanding of need to elect enough people fast enough to replace the ineffectual losers who now represent us before we’ve become a de facto tyranny. We need a Plan B. As in, look to the lessons of Breitbart.

Nice highly paid white guys sitting around a table bloviating out their rear ends and being well paid for it. We have come face to face with the enemy and he is us!

Rather evident that this race baiter to the nth degree, has not spent a lot of time in South LA, Detroit, Chicago, OR areas that were supplied with weapons (you know, those that fire sharp pointy things at high velocity by, oh yeah, Eric Holder.(Unfortunately, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was unavailable for comment.)

Of course, all of the ‘high velocity’ thingys are and were legally purchased, correct?

Ahh yes, July 22, 2011 another mentally ill white man *(forget that he was found sane) in Norway, a nation that had some of the strictest gun laws in the world, killed 69 persons, mostly teenagers, in a shooting rampage.

*An initial team of psychiatrists found Breivik to be paranoid and schizophrenic, following 36 hours of interviews.

    Alex Bensky in reply to JP. | December 16, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    The same weekend that Trayvon Martin died,nine young black men were shot to death in Chicago, the president’s home town. I don’t recall any impediment to Sirota or anyone else bringing that up. I wonder why not.

Professor J…Giving this malignant fecal dropping
1-centimeter of space for his slime-bag opining on your classy blog, at this time of Horrific Horrible HORROR, is a waste of space.

And, is not the nation blessed by The Infantile Majesty Obama parachuting into the midst of the inexpressible sadness, loss and grief to get camera and mic time on his cheep, narcissistic self?? My words for this particular act of NEEDINESS are withheld for decency sake.

    While I agree that the content is vile, I appreciate articles like this one in that serve as reminders of how extreme the “liberal” thought is that is ruining our society.

In many ways, this whole ambit of mass killings is ANOTHER example of the effects of Collectivism manifesting themselves, and THEN allowing the Collective to point to anything BUT the effects of their own policy.

The cycle is just being repeated, as we have seen it so many times before in economics, foreign policy, etc.

Instead of rationally looking at the problem (mental illness leading to formation of literal monsters, devoid of humanity), the Collective will attack the instruments used by the monsters.

Treatment for and of potential monsters has been made profoundly more difficult by pure crap fostered by Collectivists. Conservatives have no problem profiling anyone in fitting ways. Collectivists have problems with that.

I would like to give chrissy hayes a one way ticket to Russia, let’s say Rostov-on-Don. A major city but alas not Moscow or St Petersburg. There he can enjoy strict gun control and high murder rates. If he is fortunate enough to earn enough money he can pay the cops to care about crime when he inevitably gets robbed and beaten. That is if it isn’t the cops who robbed and beat him.

Occupied Territory | December 16, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Yeah, we probably shouldn’t give twits like this any notice, but… So, yeah, look at how we profiled Nidal Hassan (or whatever his name is–Ft Hood killer). Islamic terrorist? No! Workplace violencer! Oh, and hey, look how McVeigh got off easy. What, death penaly? Oh, nevermind. Maybe we should all live in peace and social justice just like in gun-free Chicago.

The interest in mental health is to use the spectre of bullying and mental health generally to push these Positive School Climate, Moral Education, Character Education, and other means of making social and emotional learning the focus of the school? It is what made Outcomes Based Education so controversial so it’s back with new names and a different rationale. It is THE core of this Administration’s Common Core and Race to the Top education agenda. is the original story I wrote explaining this. Because Connecticut was one of the original and most aggressive implementers of Outcomes Based Education from the early 90s when they called it the Common Core of Learning, this is a danger zone the media does not want covered. And out of respect that is all I will say today.

But at the very point when this Administration is finally getting the nationalization of US education for all practical purposes to shift the focus to social interaction, engagement, and new values and beliefs as John Dewey laid out so long ago, they cannot afford to have parents and taxpayers finally focusing on the psychologizing of the classroom. It has been occurring especially in certain states and districts and that must be kept under wraps.

So we get the gun focus instead of all the expressed aspirations over the last 2 decades to change students from the inside-out. Or we get the focus claiming the mom was a Doomsday prepper.

Change the focus away from the expressed intent to use the schools as cultural weapons.

    Rick in reply to Robin. | December 16, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Today I learned from my granddaughters of another liberal-inspired stunning injustice and mal-education going on in their California middle school. Not to be heard in their school: “And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: ‘If you don’t work you die.'” Not Just So anymore.

I always listen to these idiots and laugh when they say something as assine as white men do more of this or that than some minority group ….what they never ever ever tell you is that that is solely due the greater % of whites in the population….when you look at any crime and I mean any crime minorities are far over represented than their numbers in the general population …take murder …African Americans are about 13 % of the population but from 1976 to 2005 they committed 59.3 % of all felony murders committed in the U.S. ….if one assumes that Hispanics commit murders at least at the rate they are represent in the general population ( about 18 & ) and take in other ( native Americans …. Asians ….. etc . ) it would be safe to say at least 80 % of all murders committed in the U.S. are committed by minorities …. its rather difficult to determine what or how much crime Hispanics committ as the government rolls their crime numbers into the white category …. and when you drill down it gets even better ….men commit most of the murders in the U.S. which mens that most of the murders ( 70 – 80 % ) in the U.S. are committed by probably less than 10 % of the population

    Aggie95 in reply to Aggie95. | December 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    and things like this are ignored

    Murder suspect charged with fourth killing
    By Michael R. Sisak (Staff Writer)
    Published: December 14, 2012

    Shawn James Hamilton burst from a car, investigators said, ran a few blocks to Jay Street and fired a flurry of gunshots at Kenyatta Hughston, an acquaintance from the local heroin trade, around noon July 6. One of the bullets pierced Hughston’s skull, knocking him to the ground and spiraling him toward a slow but certain death – the first of four investigators have now linked to the 19-year-old Hamilton.

    Hamilton rushed back to the car after wounding Hughston, investigators said, and implored the friend behind the wheel: “Let’s get out of here! Come on!”

    Despite Hamilton’s anxiety, the spree continued the next night, investigators said, as Hughston clung to life at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township. Hamilton and his brother, Sawud Davis, opened fire on an apartment in Plymouth, investigators said, instantly killing three people and severely injuring a fourth.

I see the foolish proposition repeated here at the comments section. The writer suggests the elephant in the room.

    jimzinsocal in reply to jimzinsocal. | December 16, 2012 at 12:57 pm


    FlowbeeBryantand 30 moreReply

    There is another elephant in the room we’re not discussing: racism and how it’s putting our entire society at risk when it comes to mass shooters. If a black kid was pulling knives on his family and threatening their lives, just how fucking long do you think they’d be allowed to remain free, walking among us until they finally snapped? If a black kid made people as uncomfortable as Adam Lanza did, would he make it to 20 years old and a mass shooting of an elementary school before people FINALLY deemed him dangerous?

    Black kids can’t even listen to loud music in parking lots before they’re perceived as threatening, yet somehow white kids like Adam Lanza and Michael go their whole lives with excuses being made for them before they finally snap and kill dozens.

And another thing…

Sirota and his Collective insist on seeing every FLUCKING thing through this hyper-racial prism. As long as that mythology is allowed to exist, there will never be resolution to the racial crap the Collective thrives upon, and people will effectively be divided because of a fiction.

I can’t imagine living like this family does, this is not about guns. We need to do something with mental health issues.

Dear David Sirota,

Please, please, please (cube my pleas, and then cube that product again)!

Stop the nonsense!

I work for LAPD and I read all kinds of reports and thus have more than the average person’s passing interest in law enforcement.

The very first thing, the very first profile for law enforcement when you have a crime like this or a serial murderer is white male!!!

I’m a white male and the first thing that springs to mind (and the minds of everyone I know) when something like this happens is that the perpetrator is a white male!!!

Why do white males commit most of these crimes?

I don’t know. But I’m not going to ignore the truth. That’s just the truth.

The majority of carjackings are committed by blacks. Why is that? Again, I don’t know.

Go ahead and develop your own (likely crazy) theories why reality is as it is, but stop speaking B.S. to reality!

LukeHandCool (who doesn’t know if the “Please please please” voices in his white head come from white John Lennon, or white Roy Orbison, who Lennon was trying to imitate when he composed the Beatles’ first number one hit, “Please Please Me.”

    Crawford in reply to LukeHandCool. | December 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    “Why do white males commit most of these crimes?”

    Because whites are a majority of the population, and males are more likely be on the outer edges of the bell curve of sanity than females.

    Anyone who remembers the “DC sniper” remembers that the very idea that the coward, who target school children by the way, could be a black muslim. In fact when that profile was a very strong possibility the vice-grievers went into action. Delaying catching the bastard.

White males most certainly ARE profiled … we’re the only group not given some special minority status (except in pro basketball, with their 10% white guy quota :)).

We are also the preferred target of blame for most of society’s ills. And sitcoms generally malign the white guy as the uncaring dolt. And Obama pronounced from the throne (sans facts), that white guys act stupidly.

Do white guys “outperform” when it comes to heinous murders? Tougher question, but we’d have to adjust out all the “bad data”, like they do for global warming. Nix all drug crime, gang crime, low income neighborhood crime .. for starters. Then remove all terrorists freedom fighters like Hassan or those pilots.

Holder provided 2000 guns to Mexican cartels, who then killed maybe a couple hundred … don’t count that. Obama/Hillary pulled security from Benghazi, don’t count that. So we’re left with a small sample of young white guys with mental problems, with no religious convictions, poorly raised in a far left dominated media complex. Easy … I blame that hater Pelosi … and shooter Matt Damon.

Does anyone else get the feeling the left has a stake in having the mentally ill running around without restriction? Their refusal to even tangentially address the issue, and in some cases their insistence that there’s simply no such thing as mental illness(!), is beyond bizarre.

Who will the next group to be the Kyriarchy master race once they have stamped out the anglo-normative culture?

F.A. Hayek dedicated his book to the socialists of all parties. He’d have been amazed at how successful they have promulgated their lunacy. As for the left being mentally ill, they are now running the asylum, and I feel very isolated for standing up for logic, truth, reason. This will not end well, and it’s time to shore up the home defense.

Has anyone else realized that all this is a great distraction? Fox announced that John Boehner is folding on taxes:

WHY is this guy still Speaker??

And another thing: Does anyone know the Obama administration let school security funds lapse??

Why are we allowing MSNBC to run the narrative? (I don’t.)

Why are we not boycotting GE to defund their MSNBC entity? (I do.)

I really think the problem is the way we handle, or rather don’t handle, mental illness. I know several people that would fit the profile for this shooter, but the family is powerless to do anything with our laws, regulations and the lack of facilities. Geraldo Rivera is responsible for shutting down the institution that housed these people in the 70’s, since we have been inundated with violence.

Now, that being said, I feel that there is a racial bias to this and other murders. I am in a situation were I see violent situations almost weekly, if not daily. The thing that you have to remember is, what makes news. If an event happens regularly, then it is not news. If it is unique, then the reporter are all over it. Violence against and among blacks is not news or unique as it is constant. It is part of their culture. But a blond, attractive woman who is harmed or molested is all over the papers. I see numerous murders against children, not all at once as here, but no one cares as they are not involving cute, white children in the Northeast. Even if this event occurred here in the South, the reporting would not be as intense. So yes, we live in a very violent society. No, gun control will have no effect, only making it worse. And, yes, we are still very bigoted, just like the rest of the world.

If anyone thinks mental illness didn’t exist — and to the extent it does — since the beginning of time, they’re poorly informed.

The reason we never had massacres to the extent we have is that the ‘television reward’ was absent — and people were armed to protect themselves. Would-be massacres were over after the first shot was fired.

Today, any would-be massacres would be over after the first shot if law-abiding citizens were allowed carry permits — not to mention the crime rate dropping severely, and prison overcrowding being a thing of the past.

Of course, the mortuary business would thrive, though taxpayers would wind up footing the bill for dead criminals’ burial. But a good tradeoff.

I guess a big ole city like Chicago with a restrictive gun ban which has 10 murders overnight doesn’t count because it isn’t a single incident.

Murder and mental illness: Remember One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Remember Michele Foucault? There was a veritable industry on the left promulgating the idea that there is no such thing as mental illness, or that mental illness is nothing more than an entirely natural and reasonable response to the oppressive restrictions of Western civilization (and the solution was to tear down civilization and become savages again.)

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