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Preview: Chicago Teachers Union official’s sexually explicit language caught on tape

Preview: Chicago Teachers Union official’s sexually explicit language caught on tape

Last week at a Chicago Teachers Union protest against school closings, we saw the contrast between the frustrated parents and the Lisa-Fithian-trained Teachers Union operatives who faked being handcuffed during their prearranged arrest stunt.

Now a preview of soon-to-be-released footage from the protest reveals another aspect of the Chicago Teachers Union ethic: a predilection for using sexually explicit language to interrupt one video journalist’s coverage of their event. Education Action Group has the preview of the footage that will be released later this week:

Remember, they like to remind us all, “it’s for the children.” Let’s hope there weren’t any children around to hear his language.

Update: The full footage has been released, follow this link.


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Heh, it’s for the children. Yep, right. We all know that the CTU exits for the sole benefit of its leadership. They may have gotten more out that event last week if the CPD had actually busted some skulls in a reenactment of the ’68 DNC. JJ’s incoherent babbling along with these fake, pre-arranged glorified parking tickets speak volumes to today’s union movement. IMO.

Looking forward to more videos. Thanks Anne.

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    GrumpyOne in reply to W.H.Thompson. | April 1, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    The worst part of this is the fact that the anointed one would have the entire country subjected to the same thug styled tactics.

    It’s all about control and money; Ours ending up in THEIR pockets!

    Quality of education has zero effect in the sum total..

Wow, that is a pretty fascinating look inside the machinations of a teachers union protest. They really have it in for Rahm Emmanuel. I was pretty floored by the sheer contempt expressed for him in this clip. The video also really captures the degree to which the protest is a staged event much like any liberal AstroTurf propaganda. This was excellent.

    True. If it wasn’t about money and power — but about education — we’d have educated kids, instead of the morons the Democrat/union/teacher/education complex is churning out.

I’m not a “fan” of Rahm Emmanuel but ALL of these people certainly were when he was “best buds” with B.O.

“The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”—Not a big Dylan fan either but c’mon:)

I hope the CTU and PUSH paid for the dress rehearsal arrests. I hope they paid for the Chicago Cop’s time cuz I’m not willing to pay for this nonsense.

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rockwallrobert | April 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

At 21 seconds in, is that the Rev. Jackson I see? If so, I wonder what his opinion of that language is? Maybe it was an in-the-pocket-of-unions look-alike?

This is what happens when education courses are the easiest in every university, and graduate degrees in education are a joke. These people are the slackers who couldn’t cut it in any other work environment, so they became “teachers.” What an effing joke.


If two parents can’t find the time to educate their children AND bring in enough money to pay the bills, then their children will be doomed to follow in their footsteps.