Last week, the Chicago Teachers Union brought in radical anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian to train teachers in civil disobedience. This week, we got to see the results of her class when the union organizers put on a protest Wednesday against Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s announcement that he was closing 54 schools for budget reasons.

EAG News’s Rebel Pundit was on the scene to record the protest, as reported by Brittany Clingen.

The issues are not wholly cut-and-dry; children at the closed schools will be forced to travel sometimes far distances, and oftentimes into hostile gang territory. Parents are concerned, worried about the costs, and wondering if the Mayor has been fiscally responsible in areas (See my piece on $110M spend for protected bike lanes).

And then we have the Chicago Teachers Union organizers, essentially jumping for joy. A chance to flex their muscle. After all, this is what CTU VP Jesse Sharkey planned when I reported on his presence at the Midwest Marxism Conference last year. Schools were to be the battle ground for putting for Marxist thought, and the protest was to be “resurrected” and even more fully embraced in 2013, speakers at the conference said.

The parents, those who have yet to be message-controlled by CTU President Karen Lewis, VP Jesse “Marxist” Sharkey, or Lisa Fithian, were there to express the genuine frustration at the situation. These protesters called for prayer in schools and for the addressing of other problems underlying the communities like jobs (see 0:42 in particular):

You sure won’t hear the story that school prayer was being advocated being put out by the Teachers Union.

No, the Teachers Union brought a different sort of protester to this march. The same characters (I’m beginning, unfortunately, to know them by name) I see time and again at the Socialist marches, Marxist conferences, anywhere they can march. Unlike the parents who come out of frustration, these people prearranged with police to be arrested, and then faked being handcuffed as they play-acted the astroturf tactic that no-doubt Fithian had prepared. Oh, and Jesse Jackson was there, refusing to answer what Martin Luther King, Jr., would say about him marching with Communists:

Let me be clear, I’m not calling them Communists, and I think the term is far overused to describe certain Empty-Chairs-in-Chief. They are Communists, they identify as such, and go to Communist meetings, etc. They are the ones blocking parents from speaking to Rebel Pundit as he attempts to interview them. They are the ones stifling debate, and who ultimately became aggressive with Rebel Pundit (video to come).

Contrast the parents calling for school prayer to deal with the sorrowful situation and the Fithian band of wimps. It’s time for the parents to fight back against those the Teachers Union is bringing to speak for them and their problems.

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