Politico hasn’t been this excited since Herman Cain.

Looking at the tweets from attendees at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was nauseating enough.

Obama’s speech was fine, he had some good one liners and some cheap shots, but it certainly wasn’t the funniest speech ever:

Even the nickname for the event — Nerd Prom — is nauseating. They are not nerds, but they like to think of themselves that way because it elevates them above the riff raff, a/k/a their readers and viewers.

It’s not right versus left, or old media versus new media. It’s the inside the D.C. Beltway crowd, who live there either physically or mentally, or want to.

There were tweets with photos of themselves from a few people I was going to embed, but what’s the point? It’s not an individual problem, it’s systemic.

I will, however, post this screen shot of Politico’s homepage, devoted almost in its entirety to stories about the event (h/t David). Can they possibly be more wrapped up in themselves?

Politico Home Page White House Correspondents Party


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