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“Very White Republican Leadership” kinda looks like …

“Very White Republican Leadership” kinda looks like …

McKay Coppins at Buzzfeed Politics writes about how A Very White Republican Leadership Plans Minority Outreach:

As the Republican Party gears up to launch a concerted, well-funded outreach effort aimed at attracting elusive minority voters, it’s not just battling dismal poll numbers and tough demographic trends — it’s working to overcome its own overwhelming whiteness….

But the party’s official Washington face is whiter than ever, and it is the subject of criticism that echoed throughout conversations with minority operatives who have worked for the GOP, some of whom declined to speak on the record for fear of career repercussions.

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said Republican leaders are well aware of their organizations’ lack of diversity, and are taking unprecedented strides to address the issue.

Fair enough.  More needs to be done.

But not just at the RNC.


BuzzFeed Staff M Magazine

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That idiot has NO sense of history…or even current events.

Maybe it isn’t they DON’T see history or what is happening about them…

maybe they simply WON’T.

Since I’m out of touch (contentedly so) with contemporary culture, my first guess was that you’d posted a still from Mad Men.

The sunglasses warning was my LOL of the day.

It is quite true the Republican party needs to find ways to communicate its message to minority voters. I think it is remarkable, however, the party that has Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Susanna Martinez, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, to name a few, among its rising stars is the party with the white face. SERIOUSLY. When Michael Steele was the face of the party was anyone talking about the diversity in the GOP? Of course not. The goal is to constantly talk about race, republicans and bigotry so voters associate the three words without a second thought.

It is getting tiresome already.

Liberal Cheap Shots costs nothing.

And, far be it from the Liberal Media to ever hold a Liberal Racist accountable for their Democrat Klansmanship attacks on their targets of choice: UnDemocrats who are either white or black or brown or yellow or red.

BannedbytheGuardian | March 28, 2013 at 7:21 pm

The question for Buzzfeed & the general anti white chorus is this …..

Why is it that throughout. The world women are going to great lengths to appear white . South Korea is a plastic surgeon’sdream – every teen desires double eyelid surgery , nose bridging & blonde hair. Ditto China Japan .

In Indonesia the craze is for skin bleaching & yes they use bleaching.

Why is it that in America , just as it was in Slave exotic Norleans of the 18thcentury , the lighter coloured girls are desirable . Beyond trades her 2 century claim toJean Broussard- who was nicely white not her coloured ancestors. Of the Knowles girls it w Beyonce who inherited the lighter skin & white features & thus. Gotto the fore of Destiny’s Child.

Further she has had more whitey cosmeticization.

Ditto Michelle Obama. Her young photos have her dark skinned broad nosed & Afro friendly hair. Now she has been Whitied – nose ,hairline , lips cheek & bleaching. Her latest Diana Ross impersonation says it all .Diana’s video for The Bee Gees Chains Reaction has her entering the studio with a very attractive wild Afro style ponytail & in studio with the Michelle Obama wig.

Of the Supremes Diana was the one closelst to the white. Ideal.

Force them to face their own world -of popular culture.where white features with maybe a little Caibbean spice sells just as it did in the brothels of Norleens in 1780.

[…] Here’s a picture of the “diverse” crowd at BuzzFeed via Legal Insurrection. […]

There was a piece the other day about how many of the “Eco” groups are whiter than the Republican Party. Names included the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservacy, to mention a few I remember.

Seems to me that the criteria for leadership should be the best qualified as opposed to the color of one’s skin.

Just look at the current democrat leadership… Not that diverse but also not very successful.

But the democrats are far more cunning than any GOPer ever thought of being…

White *male* leadership. But hey, maybe all Buzzfeed employees are gay, in which case their non-heteronormativity negates both their whiteness and their XY status.

LukeHandCool | March 29, 2013 at 2:09 am

White, privileged, media people who use the adjective “white” as a pejorative term are on par with Jews who side with the culture which disproportionately dresses it’s women like Cousin It.

Blackness is not about color of skin. Blackness is a state of mind and a lifestyle, or better, it is an app that you download to make yourself feel self-righteous and deserving and different “those” white men.

Elizabeth Warren used a Cherokee app.

[…] Oh, and speaking of Buzzfeed, context, empathy and making moral assumptions based on aesthetics, “WARNING — GLACIER SUNGLASSES RECOMMENDED TO AVOID RETINA DAMAGE.” […]

[…] Here’s a picture of the “diverse” crowd at BuzzFeed via Legal Insurrection. […]

[…] » “Very White Republican Leadership” kinda looks like … – Le·g… […]