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I would never be so insulting as to accuse the U. Penn Political Science Department of tokenism

I would never be so insulting as to accuse the U. Penn Political Science Department of tokenism

This is a follow up to my post, I would never be so insulting as to accuse the NY Times of tokenism, regarding the demeaning accusation by University of Pennsylvania Political Science Professor Adolf L. Reed Jr. calling Tim Scott and other Republicans who are black of being “cynical tokens.”

Let’s take a look at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Political Science Standing Faculty:

I would never be so insulting as to accuse the U. Penn Political Science Department of tokenism.

Such an accusation would be insulting to the people who worked hard (like Tim Scott) to get where they are (like Tim Scott) and who (like Tim Scott) accomplished much in their lives, and who should not be insulted or demeaned as tokens just because they are part of an overwhelmingly white entity.

Respect for the accomplishments of others, apparently, is not a requirement of being a member of the Standing Faculty of the U. Penn. Political Science Department, or an Op-Ed writer at The NY Times.


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Let’s seeeeeeee heeerrrrrreeeeeee….ONE Negro…and…ONE Asian…WOW!!

Maybe the same Tolerance & Diversity Crew that keyed my Lexus under it’s Bush/Cheney’04 window sticker 8-years ago,’Yo.(-:

    The gentleman in the third row from the top (speaking into a mic) could be from the Middle East.

    Maybe … maybe one or two lesbians, but without the giveaway dyke haircut, I can’t be sure. It sure wouldn’t be politically correct to have a poli sci department without a raving lesbian, now would it.

It looks like you can only be a token if you refuse to exhibit the plantation mentality that prevails in the majority of those non-token people “of color”.

The toke one black guy at the NY Times was assigned to race.

The one black guy at Penn:

His research interest focuses on racial and ethnic politics, political behavior, public opinion, and the American presidency. Professor Gillion’s recently completed book The Power of Political Protest: Minority Activism and Shifts in Public Policy

A book on using race to change public policy … whatta ya know.

    One might say the professor is there “because of” race – his focus is on flogging the issue, waving the bloody shirt because, as we all know, keeping the resentments alive is what Dr. King was all about.

Let’s hope Professor Kennedy’s dinghy isn’t parked in Secretary Kerry’s tax-dodge dock.

Any bets that we could take the political science department at the U of — or at U State or chi-chi private school and get the same result? Unless we find a deparment which is mainly of color?

I’ll bet they’re all a bunch of annoying pompous peacocks.

Why do the good taxpayers of Pennsylvania subsidize this?

Thank you Professor. It confirms my post yesterday. He’s a pampered, perfumed house black on a pretty white people liberal Plantation.

Didn’t U. Penn once have a native American woman in the law school? Cherokee, I think.

    persecutor in reply to JerryB. | December 20, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Yes they did. I heard she had to suffer the indignity of being the first breast feeding woman to take the bar in New Jersey(but she makes one hell of a land crab dip that she learned to make on the rez).

Using NYT logic, why doesn’t the NYT admit that we have a token in the White House now? A rather cheap token at that.

I don’t see a single Cherokee.

Maybe all of UPenn’s Cherokees got hired away by Harvard.

I have a strong suspicion that these hypocrites are also closet racists.

They no doubt make up for the otherwise diversity deficit, with a plethora of lesbians. /sarc

Tokenism at Penn might better be described as the token Republican:

A survey by College Prowler found that 29 percent of Penn students identify as liberals and 21 percent identify as conservatives. At a glance, these figures are surprisingly closer than one may imagine, but 50 percent of respondents view the campus as “liberal” on the whole, while only 7 percent say they view it as conservative. So, the perception of our campus doesn’t quite match up with the reality of individual student political affiliation.

However, as we’ve heard many times, perception is reality.

That perception is due, in part, to the political affiliation of faculty and staff themselves. A 2003 study by Students for Academic Freedom, a conservative organization, found that the ratio of Penn professors registered Democrat to Republican was 12 to 1. Of course, this disparity will alter our perception of Penn as a liberal school; even if only 29 percent of students call themselves liberal, these people teach our classes.

Jacobson, you are a




As someone who sports a pony tail and ZZ Top grade beard, I feel oppressed by all the skin I’m seeing up there. If I feel bad, it means somebody somewhere ain’t doin’ right.

Which one heads the Department of Hypocrisy?

I know looks can be deceiving and I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that, but I doubt I would enjoy an evening with the gentleman peering out the circular window towards the bottom of the photos. Its the Converse Chuck Taylors with a sports coat that sealed it.

[…] PROF. JACOBSON: I would never be so insulting as to accuse the U. Penn Political Science Department of tokenism. […]

Well, I see Kelly Kapur’s dad works there! Now we know how she ended up at Dunder Mifflin in Scranton!

It should be noted that the photo of Professor Reed, the Op-Ed author, is on the far left, third row from the bottom — the guy with an orange shirt and a tan.

It should be noted that the photo of Professor Reed, the Op-Ed author, is on the far left, third row from the bottom — the guy with an orange shirt and a tan.

Jeez. If politics is show business for ugly people, then I don’t know what that makes political science.

There’s nothing to best the pulling back the blanket of hypocrisy, eh?

Expose ’em all I cry… Liberal whiners are what they are, hypocrites!

I wonder if these examples are exposing white guilt as well…

Let’s not be so hasty. It appears that Mr. Gillion (middle of second row) and Adolf Reed (beginning of 9th row) are both black. So woohoo for Penn! 2 out of 31 is under-representative and may be evidence of discriminatory practices with disparate impact, but I think the real question is: Are those men black enough or are they just ‘cornball brothers’?

Hrmmm… a black guy named Adolf. What’s up with that?

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to G Joubert. | December 20, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Even the French abandoned Adolphe .

    There are official -not newspaper -tallies of every name for French babies going back to the middle ages. From 100 + bebe Adolphes in 1938 & sinking fast , 1941 saw 2.

    Never again say the French do not learn from their mistakes.

Please do more of these exposés. High comedy. You’ll see similar “colorful,” or not, arrays from many such departments. We will be awash in sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy. As an aside–there may not be so many of the female persuasion in all the departments such as here, but, dare we ask about transgenders? Yes, we can. Well, we should. How many minorities are elected to chairman/woman/personships?

As a graduate engineer, I am offended that you would refer to this tacky group as people who exemplify “hard work” or “accomplishment”. They are nothing more than educated fools whose “work” sets out to accomplish nothing that advances society.

Professor Jacobson, I think you’re wrong.

Using Liz Warren standards, I see at least three Native Americans, maybe four.

And at the very top right is a raccoon, which is pretty dadgum diverse for any faculty.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Henry Hawkins. | December 20, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    The Lady 2nd top row left is the weekend George Washington down at Libery Bell.

    What a find for UP pol sci dept !

      Henry Hawkins in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | December 21, 2012 at 1:00 am

      Rightmost column, fifth row down, the human on the sailing yacht. Has it a gender? I honestly cannot tell. Perhaps it is irrelevant.

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Henry Hawkins. | December 21, 2012 at 1:41 am

        It is wearing a zip up cable cardigan.

        That is the sort of thing intersex people wear on dingies mid treatment.

        The way he is sitting tells me post op , but what ?