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Saturday Night Card Game (Chuck Todd must have asked so many questions because Obama is black)

Saturday Night Card Game (Chuck Todd must have asked so many questions because Obama is black)

Chuck Todd went a little overboard when he asked a series of questions at the Obama-Netanyahu press conference.

Worse yet, the questions were not softballs for Obama to hit out of the park:

He even caught flak from the big guy (no, not Chris Christie):

The mockery of Todd’s performance gave rise to the #ChuckToddQuestions hashtag on Twitter, where numerous Obama supporters suggested Todd was motivated by Obama being black:

In defense of Todd, he was just doing his job, which is to ask more questions than politicians want to answer.


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As per still shot, Brian needs more drugs.

Hey Chuck! Now you know how Woodward feels..

I think it is deeply offensive to deny Obama’s white heritage. Can’t people see anything beyond the color of his skin? Are dreams of material, physical, and ego instant (or immediate) gratification, processed through redistributive change, clouding their better character judgment?

They revel in his celebrity, but deny him his dignity, when they ignore his insight.

“Mr. President, if you weren’t black how would you like to be remembered?”

LoL! With a little rephrasing, that would be a pertinent question for our post-racial pres. I mean, “Trayvon’s dad” kinda loses its punch.

It’s nice that Chuck’s getting a wakeup call.

I wonder what happened? Could it possibly have been from jet lag? And will he ever be forgiven by the Left for this? He asked pertinent questions. That’s a no no.

this was mine
#ChuckToddQuestions Mr President, are we still BFFs?

I’m no fan of Chuck Todd, but his multipronged question was certainly a valid one. It would’ve been nice if Barack Obama answered it. But noooo… Instead we saw the guy mainstream media touts as “the smartest man in whatever room he walks into” prove how incompetent he is off teleprompter.
If one can’t answer the question, one either (1) intentionally obfuscates, (2) straight out lies, or (3) attacks the questioner.
Obama did (1) and (3) here, but that’s who Obama is… a great deceiver.

While Chuck Todd was asking questions of President Obama, did he happen to ask Obama about this low hanging blooper?

‘What is America’s leadership thinking?’ Palin blasts Obama for comparing Israeli-Palestinian relations to US-Canada

Of course not. That would be exposing the President for the being [fill in the blank].

    Henry Hawkins in reply to john.frank. | March 24, 2013 at 11:27 am

    The US/Canada = Israel/Palestinian comparison is LEGIT. I grew up in Detroit and remember well the horrors of near-daily rocket and mortar attacks, entire city blocks on fire, stores ransacked and pillaged, dogs and cats raped and eaten, as well as all the…… Oh, wait. That was Toledo, Ohio that did that, not Canada.

    Never mind.

TrooperJohnSmith | March 23, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Typical MSM softball question for Teh Chosen Won:

“Uhmmmm… Mr. President… On the 1960s TV show Bewitched, who did you like more as Samantha’s husband, Dick York or Dick Sargent?”

Do the race-baiters think that no one would dislike or criticize Obama if he were “white“? (Here’s another.) No. It’s that they have nothing of substance they can say in his defense.

I am sooooo sick and tired of this “you hate him, because he is black” stuff. Why can’t this man be asked a question?? Why are we called racist when we question what he is doing to this country?? The first time I was ever called racist, was the day after he was elected. Went out to dinner with old friends who were very excited that America voted for a black man, and the gentleman excited said ” You guys voted for Obama, right??” When we said no, he said we were racists, and got in his car to wait for his wife” We see them now, but have agreed not to talk politics.

I guess Todd wasn’t given the memo at the Obama staff meeting.

Now c’mon people. Everyone knows that a world class potentate, one who ensures us that he is not a dictator, does not have to answer pedestrian questions. His Obaminence does not answer to the people. He answers to someone greater than himself-himself.

Chuck, what happened? You are usually so well behaved.

I may be wrong, but didn’t Obama give Todd the finger near the end?