Robin Kelly, who spent her career as a Democratic Party loyalist, is the odds-on favorite to win the 2nd congressional district race on April 9 against Republican nominee Paul McKinley.

Kelly has the Chicago political machine, Michael Bloomberg’s SuperPAC, the Daily Kos fundraising operation, and the Chicago media behind her.

Daily Kos for Robin Kelly

Paul McKinley pretty much has himself, his story of street repentance, and a willingness to speak out against the most powerful political forces.

McKinley Injustice

It’s not just one man versus the machine, it’s one man versus several machines.

But McKinley’s undeterred.  He is launching a Walking Tour of the Machine Destruction:

McKinley told Breitbart News:

I am going to walk through all of the neighborhoods. This is a campaign about including everybody that shares our pro-life family values, getting The Machine and the government off our backs, shutting down the assault on our Second Amendment and all of our other constitutional rights, and ending the destruction that The Machine has brought down on our community, from the inner-city to farmland.

I want to give people a chance to get to know me, and I want to get to know them. I want to hear from the voters, what issues concern them the most. Many have already got on board, but we have a long way to go. Everyone in my community and across the district has one thing in common, and that is The Machine is not working for them, and it is time to stop going along and end this corruption.

Anne is going to follow McKinley on his tour and take video, which we will post.

Here at Legal Insurrection, we’ll do whatever we can to help.  We have no illusions about what it means to go against the most powerful monied interests in a Chicago-area district, but it’s worth the fight.  We can’t just let Bloomberg and Daily Kos buy the election on the cheap.

They attack McKinley relentlessly on his past criminal record while they embraced and defended criminal Jesse Jackson Jr. until the very end.

McKinley’s story of repentance is the reason they are afraid of McKinley and would have preferred your typical loser Chicago-area Republican to run against.

Expect the powerful forces which have left Chicago and the State of Illinois in financial trouble to protect their interests with everything they have.

If you want to help, you can Donate to McKinley at his website, or you can volunteer.