Mia Love rocketed to stardom in 2012.

When she was featured here on January 9, 2012, almost no one had heard of her and she was given almost no chance of winning the Republican nomination.

With the help of the conservative blogosphere, including many of the larger blogs like Hot Air and Instapundit, she gained Republican attention, then national support.  When she won the Republican nomination in a landslide, the mainstream media started to pay attention.

Her speech at the RNC received rave reviews.  Racial attacks on her by Democrats led her Love Bomb to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She lost by just 768 votes against Jim Matheson, who plays a moderate on TV.  Matheson had the backing of the NRA.

Now it looks like Mia Love is getting back in, Utah: Love Hires Top Hatch Strategist for Matheson Rematch:

After a 1-point loss in Utah last year, Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love is actively laying the groundwork for a second challenge to the sole Democrat in the state’s delegation, Rep. Jim Matheson.

In preparation for a bid, Love has hired former state GOP Chairman Dave Hansen, who was widely heralded last year for successfully managing the re-election campaign of Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Love and Hansen sat down with CQ Roll Call for an interview Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she was scheduled to speak.

“We are looking at it very seriously,” Love said. “We are trying to get people engaged and going, and let them know that we have to start early so that we are not starting from behind.”

Love is reaching out to donors now, some 20 months before the election, and putting in place a campaign team far earlier than last cycle. Love didn’t formally enter the wide, 4th District Republican field until January 2012. She shocked Republicans by emerging from the April state party convention with the nomination in hand.

“Getting that message out takes a lot of effort, a lot of funds, so we want to make sure that we are defining ourselves before the opposition does,” Love said.

We can’t let the NRA sink her campaign again. Now that I’m a member, I plan on organizing the readership to put pressure on the NRA to stay out of the race.

Of all the videos she ended up making, this first one still is my favorite:


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