The other day I was moved to reflect that the world liberals believe in—a Utopia where bad guys are just one tax hike on “the rich” away from being good guys—exists only on car bumpers.

Anodyne, nonsensical phrases seem to be the exclusive province of the left, which is no revelation given that leftist/statist philosophies are the triumph of wishful thinking over mathematical reality and physics.

Specifically, I named Laurie Saffian, director of something called Women Against Gun Violence, who believes guns won’t make women safer but gun-control laws will.

Pointing to rape statistics that feminists like to cite as (alleged) proof of how dangerous America is for women, I asked:

If rape is illegal but rapists commit it anyway, why on earth wouldn’t Saffian want every woman legally armed as a form of self-protection?

The moment I posted that, I felt a gnawing in my no-longer-prodigious memory bank—the vague realization that I’d long ago seen something that dramatized much better than I had the chasm between liberalism and reality.  I just couldn’t remember what it was until this morning.


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