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In the bgnng

In the bgnng

There was a First Tweet.

And it was good.

He was interviewed for 60 Minutes recently, which you can view here. This video is more concise:

If you are not on Twitter, you need to be. But I repeat myself.

And you must, I repeat, must, follow @LegInsurrection.

Here is a basic intro..

Now get it.


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Twitter is the absolute first place I go to when I turn on my phone or computer. I follow some 300+ people, from smart bloggers like yourself, to totally silly things like @blueberry411, who shares the skinny on the fine fruit. In one swipe of my iPhone, I can see breaking news, read funny one liners from @SteveMartinToGo, see if my town has road closures, and know if my Phillies are winning. Honestly, I couldn’t live without Twitter.

Henry Hawkins | March 21, 2013 at 2:59 pm


I don’t need to be on twitter, man-children hashtagging their fave celebz. I do read Twitchy often, however, out of a morbid fascination to personally document the nadir of intellectualism in all of its smarmy, narcissistic glory.

Here’s an example of 21st century, labyrinthine, 140 character-or-less, activism “20+ million unemployed #PresidentPriorities RT @BarackObama: Finish your bracket: It’s time for #MarchMadness. http://bit….ly/XscIEb”

Where do you even begin? Civilization in retrograde.

Yeah, just what I need every morning – to be flooded with hundreds of messages about what kind of toothpaste a bunch of adolescents are using today.

And since both the federal government and local law enforcement are monitoring Twitter, why should I voluntarily consent to being spied upon?

    You’ll only get messages from the people you follow. You can keep the list all political, all educational, all financial – it’s YOUR decision who you follow. You can block people who follow you if you don’t want them.

    C’mon LI readers. I can’t be the ONLY Twitter fan here! Help me out. 🙂

I can see I am in the minority here. Look at it this way: Twitter is like speed dialing hundreds of your favorite bloggers in a nanosecond. Since I follow @LegInsurrection, I saw this post AS it went live, the second the professor clicked “publish”, it was in my twitter feed. I don’t have to constantly to to his website – I click the tweet and voila, I’m here, logged in, ready to comment or read.

Also think of this: it’s like instant feedback to a TV show you are watching. Last night Diane Sawyer did a story about Steven Colbert’s sister winning. However, Sawyer mispronounced candidate Colbert’s last name wrong. He pronounces it Col-bear. She Col-berT. A tweet to ABC News gets an instant response of Thanks.

Just now, on my own blog, I need help from the American Statistical Association. I added their twitter handle @AmStatNews in my post, and within two minutes, they retweeted it to their 3005 followers. I expect to have an answer from someone quickly. THAT’S the genius of Twitter. Forget the Hollywood gossip. Think of it as a business/marketing tool.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to eosredux. | March 22, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Please don’t assume that having little use for twitter is due to ignorance of how to use twitter – we get enough of that sort of presumptuousness from liberals and Democrats.

    Some folks have a use for it, others don’t. I don’t. I tried it three separate times, learned nothing I did not already know, and it quickly became a chore to keep up with it.

I signed up for Twitter the night of The Filibuster, so I could #StandWithRand.

I follow and re-Tweet Legal Insurrection.

photo I use on Twitter is now 7 yrs old !

I gave it up for Lent. Just don’t remember which Lent..

I have Twitter but don’t get the point of it. It’s kinda boring and hard to use. I learn more on your blog (and a few others) than anywhere else.

I had a twitter account for over a year and didn’t see the point; didn’t get it; didn’t see a value in it; didn’t want to use it; no one could make me want to use it.

Then one day, I got tweetdeck.

Now? I am a warrior on twitter and went from 10 or so I followed such as Sarah Palin & 10 or so friends who followed me to over 10 thousand followers and climbing and I battle big shots and little shots alike.

That virtually *everyone* who has any clout in politics and liberal and conservative media has and uses a twitter account means I can and have had toe-to-toes with some of the biggest names there are and conversed with House Reps on both sided.

There is nothing else like it on the planet.

But like a bicycle, you have to want to go places enough to deal with a learning curve.

Call me a luddite. I’ll never use FB or twitter. E-mail works fine, and I don’t need to share my private thoughts to the rest of the world. Besides which, how many people have lost their jobs due to twitter? A few Olympic athletes come to mind, and quite frankly it’s more dangerous in a world where government can basically read any data that has been put on the internet.

Oh, and I do not use FaceBook for anything but reading something of political interest and/or throwing a political “like” to those who deserve it such as Professor Jacobson.

Otherwise, my FB looks like an abandoned car lot.

Facebook and Twitter are not the same thing.