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I don’t know why readers sent me tweets about Bobby Jindal, Elizabeth Warren and Indians

I don’t know why readers sent me tweets about Bobby Jindal, Elizabeth Warren and Indians

Via Twitchy, apparently Bobby Jindal made funny at the Gridiron dinner last night.

Several readers sent me links to tweets about how Jindal made some joke about himself, Elizabeth Warren and Indians.

I don’t get it.

Is Bobby Jindal Cherokee too? Is that supposed to be funny, like he’s making fun of himself?

Maybe there’s a video clip out there of the line. If a reader were able to find that for me (hint, hint), maybe it all would make sense.


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moonstone716 | March 10, 2013 at 8:34 am

Hello, prof? I know you are aware that Bobby Jindal is of Indian descent (as in from India). It’s a play on words and while not really that funny, not so ridiculous that you have to pretend not to get the joke.

It’s a clever line.

Bobby Jindal, of course, actually has Indian (the country) heritage.

He is poking fun at Warren, the fake American Indian.

I don’t know… but my first imagery with that tweet was Legal Insurrection, Professor!

I guess I don’t care if it was funny or not as long as someone is saying Elizabeth Warren and Indian in the same sentence. Never let her memory hole her calculated use of Native Americans.

I find it totally hilarious cuz Jindal is sticking it to Lieawatha on so many levels. The killer is that Jindal regards himself as American, hence the name change from Piyush to Bobby, when he was about four or five or whatever, and his conversion to Christianity. Jindal didn’t run on an ethnic platform but on one of achievement and record. Warren? Well, we know what false trail of crocodile tears Fauxcahontas Lieawatha ran down to weasel her way into the Senate; on the way there, she kicked real Indians in the teeth, and as soon as she got there she burned the trail. Does she consider herself American? Who knows? We know she no longer considers herself Indian cuz, having achieved her level of incompetence, she saw no need to classify herself as the Senate’s first/only elected Indian. Unlike Jindal who, a little like Palin is an Energizer bunny of an achiever, Fauxcahontas Lieawatha will be what she needs to be to remain a politician. She might even declare that she is Bobby Jindal’s type of Indian.

Way too funny!

shortwave8669 | March 10, 2013 at 11:00 am

The sponsoring group of journalist barred video of the Gridiron Dinner, because Freedom of Press or something

Prof, thank you for asking about the context, instead of just reacting to the tweets. If only more people would make this a habit, we might have a national conversation.

I understand that Jindal also offered to get Biden a Slurpee.


I think Jindal reads your blog.

Jindal’s comment was the best putdown of Princess Running Dummy I have heard to date.

It’s helpful to translation if you have a pixelated sense of humor. I grew up on classic Warner Brothers cartoons. Pixelated Ptarmigan.

Jindal had several good lines and Bloomberg even said it was “Jindal’s Night.” But you may not find video since Twitchy says “the dinner was closed to all but one reporter and TV cameras were barred, so all jokes have to be smuggled out via Twitter or through the official pool report.”

I liked the Warren line and this one about Biden: “Jindal said he doesn’t think VP Biden recognized him: ‘He asked me to get him a slurpee’.”

It’s satisfying for a real Indian to look Warren straight in the eyes and solemnly ask, “How?”