It’s not like you didn’t see this coming.  Those inane and made-for-YouTube moments, lacking in substance and confusing the gullible media, are the pre-publicity.

Anyone familiar with Elizabeth Warren’s history knows that she knows how to turn the “rigged” schtick into a buck. (Off topic, there’s this website I stumbled upon called  which has some details, from what people tell me.)

Via The Boston Globe:

Senator Elizabeth Warren plans to start shopping a book proposal to publishers, seeking to enhance her national political stature while promoting what she considers the cause of her public and legal career: protecting the middle class from abusive financial practices.

The book’s working title is “Rigged,” Warren said in an interview, and she expects it to offer a first-hand account of her battles in Washington to rein in the sorts of predatory lending and Wall Street excess that victimized everyday Americans.

While she has not placed a proposal in any publisher’s hands, it is conceivable the freshman senator could command a seven-figure contract, based on the bar set by books authored by Massachusetts politicians Governor Deval Patrick and former senator Scott Brown….

“Look at the title: the working title is ‘Rigged,’ ” she added. “It refers to how the economic system’s too often rigged against families who work hard and play by the rules — and how it’s loaded in favor of those with money and power.”

Warren is being represented by well-known Washington attorney Robert Barnett, who also negotiated the book deal for Brown, whom Warren defeated in November’s election, as well as deals for President Obama, former president George W. Bush, and former president Bill Clinton.

The Globe indicates Warren is not sure what she will do with her 7-figure payday:

While the book will be about fighting for the middle class, it could provide rich rewards for Warren, who said she had not thought about what she would do with the money.

I have an idea.

Donate the money to groups fighting against people who falsely claim Indian identity.

Here’s Adam Carolla’s rant about Warren’s obsession with the “rigged” system (language warning):

(By the way, the “janitor” narrative may be hyped.)