Last year Legal Insurrection received the ignominious CPAC award for Most Underrated Blog.

I knew we were nominated for Blog of the Year this year, to be voted on by other bloggers, but given the competition I put it out of my mind as not even close to a possibility.

Via John Hawkins:

The 11th Annual Blogger Awards (Sponsored by Right Wing News &

*     *     *

7) Blog Of The Year Presenter: The founder of, Todd Cefaratti.

The Campaign Spot

Hot Air

The Other McCain


Runner-Up: Legal Insurrection

Winner: Ace of Spades HQ

Runner-Up!  Hell, we’ve been down so long “Runner-Up” looks like up to us.

Congratulations to Ace and his crew, it was well-deserved.

If we had won, Anne was going to deliver an acceptance speech similar to what Gabriel Malor delivered:

Although Ace wasn’t there to get his award, Gabriel Malor showed up and read the funniest thing I’ve ever heard from the stage at a conservative event.

Gabriel Malor is an @sshole. He jumped ship to the New York Daily News without ever acknowledging that I am his intellectual and philosophical father, and that I made him, as a baker would make a loaf of Ungrateful Bread.

I have chosen him to accept this award on my behalf out of spite.

Thank you, John, and anyone else for this award. I appreciate it. It is a validation that I, and not the human ventriloquist doll reading this statement, am a true force in the online media.

Thank you again, and please makes sure that your thunderous applause is directed solely towards me and not this sad puppet that stands before you in all his shame.

On second thought, maybe not.

There’s always next year. I already have my gown selected.