We don’t know what or why Israel carried out a secretive bombing mission in Syria earlier this week.

Speculation runs from hitting advanced anti-aircraft missiles on their way to Hezbollah, to a biological or chemicals weapons institute, to other unnamed but sufficiently important targets.

One thing we do know is that Turkey is confirming, in reaction, its slide from supposed model of responsible political Islamism into international religious agitator.

Via Times of Israel:

Turkish FM slams Assad for not responding to Israeli strike

Ahmet Davutoglu says his government will not stand by as Israel attacks a Muslim country

Turkey’s foreign minister blasted embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday for not responding to an alleged Israeli strike on targets in Syria.

On his way to Munich, where he will meet with world leaders to discuss developments in Syria, Ahmet Davutoglu asked reporters, ”Why didn’t Assad even throw a pebble when Israeli jets were flying over his palace and playing with the dignity of his country?”

Davutoglu suggested that the Syrian leader is conspiring with Israel: “Is there a secret agreement between Assad and Israel? The Assad regime only abuses. Why don’t you use the same power that you use against defenseless women against Israel, which you have seen as an enemy since its foundation,” he said, according to The Hurriyet news agency.

The foreign minister said that Turkey will not stand by as Israel attacks a Muslim country.

“Syria must do what a country under attack has to do,” Today’s Zaman quoted Davutoglu as saying, seemingly goading the Assad regime to retaliate.

Turkey - not stand by as Israel attacks Muslim country


This would be the same Foreign Minister who recently saluted “all those martyrs who were killed for the holy territories”.