Mahmood Ahmadinejad wants to ride a rocket into space in place of a monkey.

Pretty funny if you ask me, and actually I’m in favor of it.  Load him up and let him fly.

John McCain thought it was pretty funny too, and tweeted (via Twitchy)

When the PC police arrived, McCain tweeted for people to lighten up, to which Republican Congressman Justin Amash dropped the race card:

Do WE have to play those stupid race games? Really, it wasn’t a joke about race, it was a joke about Ahmadinajad being an idiot, as in monkey.

It’s a lot less than what the Democrats did and do to Bush:

Bush Monkey Google Images

Look, McCain knows monkey jokes. If anyone is sensitive on the subject, well, click at your own discretion (bad taste warning).

Can we just go back to letting monkey jokes be monkey jokes?