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Saturday Night Card Game (Congrats Karen Finney, you made Goldie Taylor look like the voice of reason)

Saturday Night Card Game (Congrats Karen Finney, you made Goldie Taylor look like the voice of reason)

And that’s not a good thing if you are Karen Finney of MSNBC, who dropped the Cracker bomb, which got barely a notice on MSNBC because it’s MSNBC, via Mediaite:

During a conversation about the Democratic Party’s strategic ability to isolate Republicans as the conservative party makes an attempt to ingratiate themselves among Latino voters, MSNBC contributor and frequent guest host Karen Finney said that the Republican Party’s base will probably scuttle the party’s hopes of an electoral comeback among Hispanics. Finney said that the “crazy crackers on the right” who use “hateful language” would doom the GOP’s chances for a comeback with Latinos.

MSNBC is like Ithaca, 10 square miles surrounded by reality, except in MSNBC’s case, it’s probably 10 square yards of studio space.

Finney attempted to apologize, of sorts, by explaining that when she said “Crackers” she meant it in the way of “Crack Pots.” Uh huh. (images via Mediaite)

You not only are foul, Ms. Finney, you have done the unimaginable, you have made Goldie Taylor look like the voice of reason, someone who damn well knows that when a non-Cracker calls someone a Cracker, it’s not a term of endearment:

Goldie disagreed with Obeidallah about white slurs. “I can’t say honkie or cracker or any of those other things,” she said, “but I have white friends who can say them and use them in jest or use them, I can say some other words that I choose not to, maybe on air.”

Ms. Finney, that’s Goldie Taylor I’m talking about:

First, guest Mark Thompson of SiriusXM radio’s “Keeping it Plain” suggests that Romney referring to a black supporter as part of his “kitchen cabinet” was a racist signal to whites. O’Donnell nods his head in agreement, and then suggests that Romney wanted to be booed at least three time to play to certain “racist precincts.” Goldie Taylor then agrees too.

I repeat, that’s Goldie Taylor I’m talking about:

Just to be sure it wasn’t just me, though, I asked several friends about the banner [from Romney’s campaign, “Obama Isn’t Working”], and four out of four pointed out, unprompted, the stereotype of the “lazy,” “shiftless” black man. One of the people I called was cable news fixture Goldie Taylor, who, upon hearing my description of the banner, said “Are you kidding me? You have got to be kidding me.”

Congratulations Karen Finney, you made Goldie Taylor look like the voice of reason.


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“MSNBC is like Ithaca”

Hmmm … I wonder if they can buy food in the MSNBC cafeteria with “MSNBC dollars”:).

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Finney obviously hasn’t heard about the 1st rule of holes.

JackRussellTerrierist | February 2, 2013 at 8:06 pm

So “crazy cracker” isn’t a racist insult because it really means “crazy nut”?

Sorry, it SOUNDS racist. As long as the word “niggardly” is now racist and should not be used, “crazy cracker” qualifies, too.

    I wonder why she didn’t just say, “white ni**ers” like the Democrat icon, Robert Byrd did on Meet the Press a few years back? They had no problem with that phrase then.

Her statement is so brilliant, referenced & on point. I fail to see how you could question it. (Sarc)
Redneck Cracker.

Ah, I remind…

“It’s different when we do it…”

“I apologize if anyone was offended” is NOT an apology.

If I am not offended, is Ms. Finney then not sorry?

An apology is not conditional, Ms. Finney. An apology is about YOUR contrition, not MY state of mind.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 2, 2013 at 11:13 pm

Off topic.

American Navy Seal Sniper, Chris Kyle, was reportedly murdered along with another man in Erath County, Texas, at a gun range charity event.

The shooter was apparently a Marine recovering from PTSD.

Via WFAA in Dallas:

Karen Finney may be socially incorrect but she has a point. Too many bigots in the Republican Party. Worse – they parade their bigotry as a badge of honor.

We no longer have a Party that welcomes “free thinkers”. It is no longer the GOP. It is the POG. You might recognize it better in the original Arabic. Hezbollah.

    You’re an idiot.


    I owe you an apology (no kidding!)
    I read your post and didn’t quite get the gist of it. If you were alluding to the fact that the GOP is ‘bigoted’ towards conservatives, I do apologize.

    If you were alluding to the GOP being racial bigots, please see my original comment.

    stevewhitemd in reply to MSimon. | February 3, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    MSimon: as the Instapundit points out today, it is easier for a gay person to come out to a group of Republicans than it is for a Republican to come out to a group of gays.

    Why is that?

    Why is it that Democrats uses the worse misogynist language to describe Sarah Palin? Wouldn’t it just be enough to say “we strongly disagree with Gov. Palin, and here’s how”? Substitute the name of any prominent Republican conservative woman and the point is the same.

    Ditto for race: it takes a brave African American person to be a conservative these days given the vitriolic attacks he/she will face from people like you.

    Why is that?

    Why is the party of ‘tolerance’ so intolerant? Why is the ‘progressive’ party so regressive?

This apology business — forget it.

Pay the fine and do the time. Maybe later, we’ll consider apologies. Maybe.

The perfunctory ‘apology’ has become a free pass. It ain’t — it was never meant to be.

Contrition by press release? — It’s not being accepted.

The silly thing is, all this brings to my mind is how funny it would be to make a cracker that honks like a horn.

After the gun debate, and all to many reports calling for gun owners to be murdered by government, the name callers look like just so many parlor pinks, talking up a storm, but ultimately, they’re just a side show freak act. Unimportant, and ultimately pointless.

What we need to focus on are Congress and the Administration, and the agencies that would be tasked with converting that bloody fantasy into reality.

More talking heads, more racial slurs and stereotyping, more Leaning Forward into bigotry.


Doesn’t stereotyping a group or class of people by the government run media promote inequality?


Doesn’t Affirmative Action by its very nature promote racial profiling throughout our society?

As a veteran of the USMC I find ex-marine goldy taylor to be a disgusting lazy coward. Her greatest challenge in boot camp was make-up class and she never had to qualify with a rifle. For her to equate herself with me and worse to attempt to pass herself off as morally superior because she’s an ex-marine pisses me off. If she was a real Marine she would have never responded to my twitter comment by running away like a coward after sending her slavish sac licking followers after me. The bitch is just another one of the “I enlisted for college money” scum that we despised.