This is a follow up to yesterday’s Criminalize Fracking post.

Gimme Coffee is an Ithaca coffee roaster and something of an institution.  For a mere $4 or thereabouts, you can have quite a good latte.  The coffee happens to be excellent, but it comes with a heavy dollop of liberal political agenda on top.

A reader forwards this image he saw on Facebook and comments:

You’ve probably seen this, but just in case . . .

This photo was posted to Facebook, proudly displaying a bag of ‘Fracktivist‘ coffee on sale by Gimme Coffee.

Fracktivist - small

How insufferably self-righteous.

How proud she is, in an ignorant, small way, to contribute to the continued economic depression wracking upstate New York, all the while keeping America dependent on the fossil-fuel friends of Al Gore.