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It’s hard to believe it’s only been about three weeks since we launched

The goal was, and remains, to bring together in one place the wealth of research conducted during the Senate campaign by numerous blogs and newspapers on Elizabeth Warren’s background, and then to update and expand that information.

It’s a one-stop research shop.

For example, rather than having to link to dozens of blog posts at multiple websites regarding Warren’s Cherokee controversy, you can link to a single page that tells the story with extensive sourcing.

And we’ve preserved some of the lesser known but interesting factoids, like her claim to have been the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar exam, and some just plain funny stuff, like the famous Pow Wow Chow entries.

The search engines seem to like it.

The Wiki has generated a lot of interest and hostility.  If there’s one thing Warren’s most avid supporters seem to detest, it’s preserving history and facts which are at odds with the growing adulatory mythology of the rising star of the Democratic Party.

With all that, I’m glad to let you know that has been nominated for a research award at the 2013 Blog Bash event held off-site during the CPAC conference in March.

Be sure to check out the Blog Bash website, and hey, if you want to support your local bloggers, maybe throw them a few bucks since it is not part of CPAC and needs funding.

Also, we’ve opened a Facebook page for the Wiki.  It’s not that full of detail yet, but head over and “Like” the page so you can get notices when we add new information.


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This is -simply- awesome!
Someone who’s simply partisan for Warren can ignore a fact. Or two. Or claims that are true (but don’t have links to sites considered reputable by the Left). But it’s VERY hard to argue with extremely thorough, impeccably researched data.

I hope you can find some people to so something similar for AGW and the national debt, since there are many claims that Bush/Republicans are responsible for both.

Professor, does this mean Princess Warren will not be the replacement for Joe (Stand Up Chuck) Biden as Vice President of the United States? Perhaps Hillary will pick her husband to fill the spot. America’s first ‘black’ ex-POTUS replacing America’s first ‘native American’ for the candidacy to be Vice President – I can see the headlines now, hear the cries of racism.

Bug on the Wiki page?

The “share this” box keeps popping up, can’t get rid of it.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to sultanp. | February 21, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    I don’t see it, and I tried three different browsers. Maybe it’s your computer. If others see this problem, please post in comments.

Congratulations, Professor!

It’s a great one-stop resource to help trip up her mediafest destiny to the presidency.


But it needs to be mentioned every time it is discussed that this page should not be necessary, and is only because Wikipedia editors are a bunch of leftist propagandists dedicated to distorting the truth.

Wikipedia is a fine starting point for research on most non-controversial subjects (it is definitive on none, though), but any subject with the slightest political implication will be hijacked by the far left and be set immune from correction.

Dynamite, err well done (jus’ in case the Feds are watchin’)

Poor Lizzie, now she probably thinks the Sequoyah (Cherokee syllabary) is a tree. The tree is typically spelled Sequoia.

Congratulations Professor, it is this sort of unconventional legal insurrection which sends liberals into HEO (High Earth Orbit).

I look forward to referencing and using Liz Warren Wiki as a political Thor’s Hammer for the rest of her natural life or mine, which ever is shorter.

BTW, Much of the satisfaction I got bashing that fake indian during the 2012 campaign was including #BosPoli hashtag in my ‘kiss my ass’ tweets.

#BosPoli means Boston Political and the Liberals came ungluded that I had the nerve to use it when calling out Crazy Aunt Lizzy with a plethora of facts from Legal Insurrection.

For that…


Facebook page huh, Wm? Zuckerberg’s gonna wipe you out.

Great news!