Think the unthinkable.  Left-wing bloggers are:

“[Webb] would also be the perfect candidate for vice president in 2016 with Elizabeth  Warren, which would allow the Dems to build again, not from ’60s nostalgia, but  from original new strengths.

And so are mainstream liberal publications.

It’s one of the reasons we created and will continue to build up, which is beginning to get recognition as a one-stop shop for reasearch on Warren, as written up by Patrick Howley at the  The American Spectator, New Online Encyclopedia Chronicles Warren’s Past:

Cornell Law School professor and high-profile conservative blogger William Jacobson has launched a new website,, to definitively compile all of the information on the background of Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“I decided after the election that I didn’t want this information to get lost. No single place brought it all together. So I created a resource for future people who research her,”Jacobson, the founder of the conservative blog Legal Insurrection, told me in a phone conversation last week….

Millions of Americans heard at least some of the details of Warren’s Indian scandal. But those details weren’t reported by mainstream papers or amplified by mainstream networks, as Jacobson’s wiki page clearly demonstrates.

Conservative websites were deep-diving into an issue the liberal press was determined to play off as some kind of fatuous right-wing study-hall prank. Remarkably, the story still got out….

“In four years if she runs for president, people can now go to ( and look deeply into her background,”Jacobson said.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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