Professor Jacobson just analyzed how the left effectively uses web-pages to deride conservatives and their policies, and observes it is worthwhile looking at the integration of culture and politics.

Anne Sorock offered a hands-on approach to change the direction of local media.

And I stress the importance of getting involved directly in local politics through school boards, zoning commissions, or city-level governance.

These actions have an important aspect in common:  They get away from a nationalized approach that relies on establishment icons and elite news venues.

In this vein, Breitbart contributor Dr. Timothy Daughtry calls for a revision of the conservative strategy from being oriented towards national elections to being focused on the local society.

Conservatives have already won strongholds in talk radio, Breitbart News, and other sites that provide alternatives to the left’s narrative. Conservative filmmakers such as Steve Bannon and Dinesh D’Souza are putting out documentaries that are visually powerful as well as informative. The Heritage Foundation and other institutions provide policy analysis and guidance founded upon conservative principles. Conservatives have our footholds, but our institutions primarily reach the conservative base. While conservatives preach to the choir, however, the left is outside tempting the neighborhood children with free contraceptives. A true conservative strategy has to move conservative thinking beyond our strongholds and into the population at large, into schools, newsrooms, and even entertainment.

Conservatives have rallies and conferences all over the country for education and for policy updates. Now is the time to put some hard strategic questions on the agenda at those gatherings. How will libertarians, social conservatives, tea partiers, and traditional Republicans stop the circular firing squads that divide the movement?

Instead of compromising in vain attempts to appease the left, how can we use compromise strategically, in ways that advance our agenda over time? We did not lose the country overnight; and we will not get it back overnight. Recovery will require craftiness as much as courage.

How do we get a foothold for conservative ideas in the public schools, and how do we expand that foothold over time? And how do we buy time for such a long-term strategy to work? That is, how do we enlist and equip the grassroots to counteract the left’s narrative with our own children, our friends and neighbors, and our co-workers? The left does not yet control the conversations at our dinner tables or across our backyard fences, and these can become the trenches where we stall the advance of socialism and buy time for the next generation of conservatives to make real gains.

Daughtry is the author of Waking the Sleeping Giant: How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals at Their Own Game.

He is absolutely right: We need to work on persuading tomorrow’s voters today.