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Supporters distract from Benghazi with familiar Hillary narrative and an animated GIF

Supporters distract from Benghazi with familiar Hillary narrative and an animated GIF

Hillary Clinton continued to get the meme treatment this week with columnist Zerlina Maxwell‘s posting of a series of GIFs, or animated pictures, that instruct how to deal with “mansplainers.”


The GIFs used footage from the Benghazi hearings to take emphasis away from the content of the hearings, instead overlaying a familiar talking point her followers love to recycle, that Hillary has to deal with the fatiguing idiocy of men throughout her life.

You may recall that in 2012, Hillary got the meme treatment with the short-lived but highly trafficked “Texts from Hillary” site. That site, as I wrote at the time, focused on Hillary’s calm and cool, businesslike manner to further her image as someone you wouldn’t mind having in control.

If you’re creative and have the time or inclination, learning how to make your own animated GIF is worth the effort. or example, I made this GIF of the condescending anti-gun panelist who misreported veteran Kevin Tully’s defense of the First and Second Amendments last week using Picasion:

make a gif picture

Have at it.


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Poor Hill-larry, life-long facilitator of abusive men, including Monica’s serial abuser boyfriend.

And, at every point, it mattered…

Alinsky’s Little Girl..

Hillary Clinton – Liz Warren before there was a Liz Warren.

Of more interest – or disgust – to me was last night’s interview of Clinton by Greta Susteren on FOX news. While the Benghazi tragedy and cover up were happening, Susteren was indignant, angry even. But, with Hilary Clinton sitting right in front of her… nothing. Wasn’t as bad as 60 Minutes, but Susteren committed no act of journalism. Very disappointing and my estimation of Susteren dropped 20 points.

She’s a clown.

It’s fitting that she now sees double — considering how committed she is to talking double.

But she’s no Elizabeth Warren — not even close. As much as there is despicable about Warren, while she is malignant, she is highly capable in that role. Imagine the damage Warren could have done by now if she was given the privileges Hillary Clinton had and fell on her face with.

    Except for her ability to fool stupid people that vote, Warren ain’t shown that much. She may be intellectually above average but her diminished common sense and ethics leave her on the short end of life. IOW, a perfect democrat candidate.

tpm and feminaziing I would call them maggots but maggots have a useful purpose.

Hilary gives the Senate a hand job.

Henry Hawkins | January 30, 2013 at 2:31 pm

I’ll pay $1000 if you’ll PLEASE stop the auto-play Hilary GIF.

No one in the Senate seems to care about the fact that Americans were begging for help and no one gave it to them. THAT should be the overriding focus, not what came before or whether someone uttered the word “terrorism” afterward.

Nobody wants to be the first congress-critter calling attention to the naked Omperor, so they keep themselves busy pointing out every possible squirrel sighting.

Don’t underestimate Warren. She did it by fraud, but she did it by herself. If she wasn’t warped, she’d really be something.

Underestimate her at your own peril. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is a joke.