“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

There could be no more appropriate time to reflect on Martin Luther King’s words than Inauguration Day, when the man who represents one of the greater departures from MLK’s dream for a truly unified America takes the stage.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream had been to cast aside superficial differences and embrace love, but our president has instead embraced division and rancor.  Where we view MLK as promoting a better way, Obama has embraced the Chicago way.

Obama has rejected the notion of an American character and instead pitted American against American, mocking the next generation through irresponsible governance and willful manipulation of superficial divisions.

The Martin Luther King, Jr., route discards the Obama doctrine for the original American idea: that in this land we can come together and supercede these differences. He gave us the playbook for dealing with the Obama culture of division and rancor.

That means refusing to accept a union member has different dreams than a CEO or entrepreneur. That you could never truly get along with members of another ethnic group or feel compassion for another socio-economic group, be they be more economically successful than you, or less. For my fellow women, that means eschewing the notion that we are defined by our gender, that our politics are sex-driven, and that I have anything remotely in common with Lena Dunham because we share the same anatomy.

Let’s listen to Martin Luther King today, of all days, and reject Obama’s Chicago way in favor of the exceptional American message of unity and love.