I have sent the following email twice to the media contact person at Gannett corporate, first two days ago and again yesterday.  I also left a voice message requesting a response.

My questions were pretty straightforward regarding the publication by the Gannett-owned Lower Hudson Journal News of the names and addresses of gun permit holders:

Has Gannett issued any statements regarding the controversy?  If so, please direct me to them.  In addition:

1.  What is the position of Gannett as to whether the identities of gun permit holders should have been published at the Journal News?  This goes beyond whether the Journal News legally was entitled to do so.  I’m seeking Gannett’s corporate position on whether the Journal News should have published such information.

2.  There are news reports that some of the gun permit holders are active and retired policemen, correctional guards, and women with protective orders, who now are concerned that they are endangered by publication of their names and addresses.  What is Gannett’s response to those concerns?

3.  Some people, in retaliation for the publication of gun permit holder names and addresses, have published similar information about Journal News and Gannett employees.  What is Gannett’s position on the publication of personal information regarding Journal News and Gannett employees?

I appreciate your prompt response.

I’m not going to be ignored, Gannett.

I’m getting the same silent treatment I received from NBC News about David Gregory.

And I’m not happy.


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