As previously reported, last Sunday David Gregory held up what he described as high capacity AR-15 ammunition magazine, which would violate the District of Columbia’s gun law if the magazine were real.

My multiple attempts last Sunday to obtain a response from NBC News as to whether the magazine was real were met with stone cold silence.  None of the three senior communications executives with responsibility for Meet the Press responded.

Now there is news via  (h/t Drudge) that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is investigating.

I spoke with Officer Alali, the spokesman on duty today at the MPD, who refused any further comment except to confirm that there is an “active investigation.”

It may be even worse for Gregory and NBC News.  According to an e-mail received by The Patriots Perspective website, which originally broke the Gregory story, NBC News had inquired whether it was permitted to use the magazine and was told that it was not permitted.  The authenticity of the email has not been verified.

Approximately two hours ago I emailed the same three senior communications executives at NBC News asking for them to confirm or deny this information, but none has responded.

I also asked MPD Officer Alali about it, and he said he could not comment on anything other than the fact that there was an active investigation.  He would not comment on whether “”  “[email protected]” was a legitimate address or anything regarding the email and whether NBC News was warned not to use the magazine.

If it turns out that the information in the email is verified, this would change the nature of the incident from an unknowing violation to a possible knowing violation.  While intent is not a part of the crime, it certainly may affect prosecutorial discretion if there were a prior warning.

Regardless of whether there was a warning, if the magazine were just a prop,  one would expect a prompt response from NBC News instead of stonewalling.

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Update: Gregory’s exact words were “here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets.”

Update 7:20 p.m. — As to the purported email from the MPD stating that NBC’s request to use a high capacity magazine was denied, I have not received any official response from the MPD, but a source who requested anonymity, but who I was able to verify as working for D.C. government, provided the following information: “… the Metropolitan Police Department email reply you received is genuine. DC Government uses “Intranet Quorum” software designed by Lockheed to manage general inquires. The email address and the subject line of the email you received are consistent with that software.” I will be following up with MPD about this tomorrow.


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