Genealogist Megan Smolenyak is quoted in The Wall Street Journal article about common misperceptions about family lore, “Grandma Did What?” Digging Up the Roots of Family Lore.

One of those common misperceptions, according to Smolenyak, is as follows:

“Great grandma was a Cherokee.” Many people with high cheekbones and ancestors who lived in Indian territory assume, often wrongly, that they have Native American blood.

I think “misperception” may apply to some, but that word presumes innocent intent.  I wonder what term should apply to those who use false genealogical claims strategically as a career enhancer?

In completely unrelated news, Twila Barnes was quoted the other day by Bret Baier:

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren’s Wikipedia entry continues to be a whitewash, with a pro-Warren editor having loaded it up with a defense of her and buried it in the 2012 Election section.  It now is even worse than when we first called attention to the ethnic cleansing of her entry.