I have been known to prepare all-purpose, pre-written, generic MSM-style announcements on the cusp of an important decision.

So here’s what I have pre-drafted for the David Gregory decision which will be released later this afternoon:

In a decision sure to have profound implications for the national gun control debate in the wake of the Newtown, CT, shooting, the Attorney General of the District of Columbia has announced that he will (not) charge David Gregory with violating D.C.’s gun laws.

Gregory, host of the NBC News program Meet the Press, displayed on air what he described as a 30-bullet ammunition magazine during an interview with Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association.  The magazine is (not) in the possession of authorities and (never) was inspected by police.

After an intensive two week police investigation, the matter was handed over to the Attorney General for a decision whether to prosecute.

Some people criticized the police department’s lack of a quick arrest, while others supported the decision.  Legal experts consulted by us were divided, some saying the police were right to take their time while others said the police should have moved more quickly.

In his decision, the Attorney General explained that he was motivated by a desire to follow the rule of law giving weight to other considerations which factor into prosecutorial discretion.

Whether Gregory posed a threat to the public and his possession of the alleged magazine while engaging in journalism were (not) taken into consideration.

Gregory is represented by the high powered D.C. law firm which has represented many other celebrities facing criminal charges.

In the end, the Attorney General decided that Gregory could (not) escape prosecution in the interest of justice.

NBC News did not respond to inquiries seeking comment.

One thing is certain, the issue of gun control will continue to be debated in the coming weeks.


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