Remember when ABC obtained a police station surveillance tape which supposedly showed no injuries to George Zimmerman, thereby allegedly disproving his claim that he was being beaten when he shot Trayvon Martin?

The Martin family lawyer along with plenty of left-wing blogs (including a once-famous photo analyst) used that video to proclaim Zimmerman’s guilt.

Among those leading the charge against Zimmerman as a totally out of control Lawrence O’Donnell, furious that Zimmerman’s lawyer at the time refused to sit for an abuse session with O’Donnell:

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Subsequent to that, additional photos and medical evidence were released showing that Zimmerman was injured in ways which backed up his account.

And just today a photo was released of the bloody nose.

This does not completely resolve the issue of whether Zimmerman acted with legally justifiable force.

But it should give pause to those who jumped to conclusions.


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