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Yes, Lawrence, there is a photograph of Zimmerman’s bloody nose

Yes, Lawrence, there is a photograph of Zimmerman’s bloody nose

Remember when ABC obtained a police station surveillance tape which supposedly showed no injuries to George Zimmerman, thereby allegedly disproving his claim that he was being beaten when he shot Trayvon Martin?

The Martin family lawyer along with plenty of left-wing blogs (including a once-famous photo analyst) used that video to proclaim Zimmerman’s guilt.

Among those leading the charge against Zimmerman as a totally out of control Lawrence O’Donnell, furious that Zimmerman’s lawyer at the time refused to sit for an abuse session with O’Donnell:

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Subsequent to that, additional photos and medical evidence were released showing that Zimmerman was injured in ways which backed up his account.

And just today a photo was released of the bloody nose.

This does not completely resolve the issue of whether Zimmerman acted with legally justifiable force.

But it should give pause to those who jumped to conclusions.


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If all the evidence had been released from the beginning, there never would have been a lynch mob out for Zimmerman’s blood.

The truth is irrelevant to the likes of O’Donnell. He needs to be treated accordingly.

Lawrence Oh-Donnell is a pussy. Nothing more needs to be said. Anytime the faux tough guy feels froggy he is welcome to jump.

Another fabricated leftist narrative. White man guns down 12 year old child Trayvon as he innocently ate his Skittles. No mention of his school suspension, gang banger texting, burglary tool, assault on bus driver, drugs, 6’2″ football player, not child.

Girlfriend account that she told him to walk away, he replied he was not going to do that. Instead a story full of lies dominates, a black representative declares Trayvon was shot down like a rabid dog, and Black Panthers openly put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head.

Media has become Pravda, Obama skips security briefings, but meets with Media Matters, to craft all important news.

Benghazi: An American made an insensitive video demonstrating America’s intolerance, and it got our Ambassador killed.

Global Warming: Evil American’s spew CO2 as they steal oil and resources from the poor of the world, and destroy the planet. Now Obama tries to make UN treaties, and pressure business.

Obamacare: Your premiums will go down, Republicans want to kill grandma.

In general, the media is complicit in verifying all these fabrications. More damning evidence emerges conveniently AFTER the election. Worst, the 75% or so that get their daily dose of news from networks swallow the blue pill whole, certain the FOX News watchers or bloggers are idiots. Obama wins the news cycle, then time to “Move On Forward”.

    retire05 in reply to Midwest Rhino. | December 4, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Let’s not dismiss the fact that this photo was only presented to the defense team on the 9th discovery release. i.e.; there were 8 other discovery releases that did not include a photo taken by a police officer in the hours following the shooting, and prior to Zimmerman being taken to the police station.

    Add to that the discovery by the defense team that DeeDee (Witness #8) is not 16 years old, and a minor, as claimed by the lawyer for the Martins, but is IN FACT, 18 years old, and was 18 years old, a legal adult, at the time of the shooting.

    The defense team has also issued a request to the court for Lawyer Crump, and the prosecution, to submit the devise used to record DeeDee’s testimony to Bernie De La Rionda while Lawyer Crump, and the members of the Martin family, were present. This devise has been requested before, to which the prosecution (De La Rionda) replied that it was Crump’s personal property and he (DLR) had no right to request the turning over of that devise to the defense, or even to the prosecution. What the defense was given was a copy, of a copy, of that recording, not the original, or a copy created from a reputable agency qualified to make recording copies.

    Crump, who was present during the DeeDee interview, and who has made statements that could taint this case, needs to be put under oath. The defense team needs to depose Crump, AND De La Rionda, and get them on record.

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to retire05. | December 4, 2012 at 2:08 pm

      Let’s not leave out the fact that Tracey Martin refuses to give his cellphone account PIN so that the phone Traydemark was using can be unlocked. WAS there even a phone conversation in progress at all?

      The affidavit buttressing the charges and arrest warrant turns on the truth of this entire aspect of the prosecution’s case, yet nine months later the defense is STILL fighting to get this information from the prosecution which apparently has no interest in compelling Tracey Martin to produce access to those records. The prosecution refuses to provide the address of the witness and they won’t reveal why they claimed she was 16 and entitled to protections afforded a minor when she stated at her depo on 4/2 that she was 18 then and at the time of the shooting. There may be two girls involved, or there was no phone conversation at all. The entire phone call ear testimony may just be a big, fat hoax a la Mike Nifong necessary at the time to start the ruckus and get an “arress” needed by the grifter parents to file lawsuits, insurance claims and for public “victim” funds.

    It’s all about advancing the collective. The truth is collateral damage.

It seems to me that this case ends at the self-defense hearing. Or it ought to, at least.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Pablo. | December 4, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    It’s actually called an immunity hearing, and it will only go that far if the defense doesn’t move for dismissal.

    I think the only thing keeping the state from dismissing is the very mob fear they ginned up to begin with and the political fallout. They are keeping up the hoax because they have nowehre to go, having boxed themselves into a corner just exactly as Mike Nifong did.

      The mob is looking for an excuse to riot, may as well give them one and get it over with. It isn’t going to work out like they think it will!

        JackRussellTerrierist in reply to bobh. | December 4, 2012 at 3:52 pm

        I agree. Let them riot. WGAS if they want to tear up their own neighborhoods and injure Holder’s people?

        They can go for it, AFAIC. If they come to my neighborhood, they will be introduced to a new paradigm.

“…it should give pause to those who jumped to conclusions.”

You’re right, it should. But it won’t.

Here is a comparison composite of the “no blood” picture taken after 11 o’clock at the police station and the photo taken 4 hours earlier in the cop car. Everyone at this site is declaring that the bloody picture is a photoshop – but a cop took the picture and why has the prosecution held onto the photo photo for such a long time?

Jack The Ripper | December 4, 2012 at 1:37 am

We were in Florida when the prosecutor announced that the state would pursue a second degree murder charge against George Zimmerman.

I turned to my wife (who is not political or up on criminal law) and said that I think the prosecutor may have deliberately overcharged Zimmerman as a way of both placating Sharpton, Jackson, the media, and voters, and of greatly increasing the chances that they jury will hang or acquit.

“But it should give pause to those who jumped to conclusions”?
Yep, but it won’t, the mob wants a lynching and justice is the least of their considerations. The only reason this travesty has gone this far is that the state is afraid of riots.

legacyrepublican | December 4, 2012 at 5:16 am

Billy Bud lives, I mean dies, I mean lives, I mean dies …

This shows that Zimmerman attacked Martin’s fist with his face.

The nose looks to be broken too. Zimmerman’s story doesn’t have to be found true for an acquittal; rather, since it makes a strong case for self-defense it has to be rejected “beyond a reasonable doubt”. These and other photos make it pretty unlikely that the prosecution can meet this standard.

Let’s see, Larry, if’fun I can s’plain it to youse real clear and simple so’s that even a loathsome Moral Midget & Utter Pinhead like you can unnerstan’Yo: Mark O’Mara received your invitation. Follow me, so far, Imbecile? Gooood. In the next 15-seconds(Max)that very busy, very bright and experienced Legal Eagle said to his’self,”O’Donnell is the stump-stupidest Lefty Ambush Artist on PMSNBC. He makes Rev.Tawana Sharpton look less Downs Syndrome even. So, there’s a 100% chance he’ll pull the CHEAP SHIT he pulled on Herman Caine(Why didn’t Herman put Selma under siege in 1965 instead of staying in college???)and he makes gnats look like DaVincis by comparison…So, The answer is NO. NOT gonna happen. Nyet. Nein. NO WAY.”

Obama was selling Trayvon hoodies. I bet it was worth his while to be impulsive.