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Update on The Elizabeth Warren File

Update on The Elizabeth Warren File

It’s coming, really, it is.

Just not by January 3, as hoped. Figure later in January. We’ve had an epiphany as to design that will require some more work. Better to be a little late and great, than a little early and not so great.

But not to worry, if you need your fix of real (as opposed to imagined) history, take a look at Twila Barnes’ five most popular posts set forth in her 2012 Year in Review:

The 5 Most Read Posts

1. A Letter to Elizabeth Warren
2. Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Part 1
3. Bam! The Last Nail in the Coffin on that Old Story
4. Email from a Warren’ Supporter
5. Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Part 2

Also, I’m glad Legal Insurrection made the Top 5 Traffic sources for Twila’s blog.  As you know, Twila and her team did some of the foundational genealogical and family research which revealed the truth about Elizabeth Warren’s lack of Native American ancestry and cast serious doubt on her supposed “family lore”:

Traffic came from

1. Google
2. Direct (no referring site)
3. Legal Insurrection
4. Facebook
5. Breitbart

Wishing Twila and the many others who spoke up for the truth a Happy New Year.


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In a very bad year, we can count Twila Barnes as a true bright spot. Bless her and her dedication to holding Warren accountable for her transgressions against Native Americans.

I wanted to add that I am the person who tipped off the Boston Herald back in May about Warren’s “first breast feeding woman in the history of New Jersey to take the Bar exam” remarks.

Great investigative work, Professor Jacobson!! You can bet Warren’s team is checking out your blog.

Twila Barnes is remarkable. She faced a great deal of ugly backlash, much of it deeply personal, because of her work on this matter but she did not back away from the story. I’m glad to see you commend her.

I also appreciate the work you did to reveal Ms. Warren’s hypocrisies. I’m not sure why hypocrisy and private character don’t seem to matter to so many, but I think they still matter.

legacyrepublican | December 31, 2012 at 7:30 pm

You know, if the GOP is going to lose the Kerry seat anyway, I suggest they run a native american so that they can run on the platform that it would be the first native american to be elected to the senate, EVER.

Can you imagine what people in the state would have to endure as they here his/her ad and be confronted with their own hypocrisy.

Just a thought.

    joemclean1955 in reply to legacyrepublican. | January 2, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Happy New Year. Please note that Ben Nighthorse-Campbell was a Native American US Senator representing the state of Colorado in the 1990s. Early on, he was a Democrat, but he did switch to the Republican Party in the end.

Happy New Year Trilla dear and keep up your good work, from the anonymous 1/4 Chickasaw woman not sanctioned to say so by virtue of not outing my identity to prove it.

I understand & comply, but I don’t like being silenced.