I’m hoping to have more on this story soon, but in the meantime, ponder this.

Possession or transfer of a high capacity ammunition magazine, or one that could be “readily restored or converted to accept” more than 10 bullets, is a violation of D.C.’s gun law.

So I imagine that if the magazine waved around by David Gregory last Sunday was real, or even a disabled version of a real magazine, it is sitting on a desk someplace at the Meet The Press studio, with no one willing to pick it up.

Because to pick it up would be a potential violation. To transfer it to someone else might be another violation.

Who wants to be the one to turn that magazine over to anyone, even to the lawyers? And since there is no “lawyer exception” under the law, what lawyer would want it?

Assuming they all follow the law, I imagine a somewhat comical scene of people standing around looking at the magazine, but afraid to pick it up, even for a game of hot potato magazine.