Obama has bad intentions, according to Charles Krauthammer.

News flash!

Sure, it’s a mess right now. But maybe a mess is what we needed to get this party in shape.

It’s a risky tactic Obama is taking, one which might just as easily backfire, as I noted in early December:

Obama is so emboldened, he even is demanding unilateral power to raise the national debt.

But there is every indication Obama is overplaying his strong hand. Richard Brodsky of the ultra-liberal Demos foundation sees the danger most Obama-cheerleaders don’t see:

But the 800 pound, the-country-needs-a-deal gorilla in the room can smack Obama just as hard. It matters that the country sees who really wants to reduce spending on needed and popular government initiatives. The Republican counteroffer is as unserious as Obama’s original, which is part of the positioning for the eventual fistfight over what is enacted. But if a deal is going to get done, Obama will at some point, holding his nose, have to agree to those very cuts. And then deliver the votes on his side. It’s not easy moving energized Dems back into the position of responsible compromisers.

If he can’t, then the failure that sends us hurtling over the fiscal cliff will be wholly owned by Obama. And that’s no way to start your second term.

The way you puncture this Potemkin President is to show there’s nothing behind the facade — Pass Plan C and you take away the crisis he craves, and you put it all on him (but I repeat myself).  He either agrees to a 90 day extension (a pin prick in his bubble of invincibility) or he doesn’t (in which case he seems to be the unreasonable one, not allowing more time for negotiation).