Kick the can down the road, Republicans.

Do what I’ve been telling you to do since early December, The Christmas Strategy, which now needs to be renamed The New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Strategy because you didn’t listen.  It’s still called Plan C:

I say call his bluff. If a deal which tackles deficits from both revenue and spending can be reached this month, great. If not, pass a 90 day extension of current tax rates and whatever else is needed to postpone the “cliff,” and go home for Christmas to give time for a Grand Bargain which puts Democratic sacred cows on the table.

Let Harry Reid refuse to bring it to a vote, and Obama refuse to sign it. Their inaction will be the reason for taxes rising for everyone.

You tried really hard. It failed because Obama wants it to fail.

Now pass Plan C and send it over to Harry Reid.

Then go home…. for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.


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