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Questioning whether Hillary Clinton actually had a concussion apparently is the worstest thing anyone would ever do.

So I just couldn’t resist a history lesson:

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To be fair the doctors found the clot while treating Ms. Clinton for PTSD from imaginary sniper fire.

Heh! That was good!

The Clue Bat large enough to knock some self-awareness into Andrew Sullivan is still years away from production.

The Energizer Beagle Blogger is the clueless gift that keeps on giving.

LukeHandCool (who imagines that Andrew Sullivan has spent a good deal of time keeping Ebay under surveillance for any sign of Trig Palin’s placenta coming up for sale)

And I have been hospitalize for clouts without any prior trauma. Andykins should write a textbook called Logic for the Left.

Unreal. Predictable anosognosic Sullivan insanity, and yet it is still staggering to see it in print.

Oh, man.

That was almost as good a tweet as “next to the word musket”

That’s going to leave a huge mark.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | December 31, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Hillary Clinton sent Susan Rice out to push the false and ridiculous story that the stupid video caused the death of four people in Benghazi. It’s not like Clinton covered herself in glorious truthtelling about the episode, so I really don’t see why questioning whether she legitimately suffered a concussion is out of line.

But even if she did suffer a concussion, why must we automatically conclude the blood clot is related to the concussion?

The sleazes at Buzzfeed seem to have pushed the meme that now that Clinton has apparently suffered from some sort of blood clot, that is prima facie evidence she also had a concussion. And anybody who questioned the concussion in the first place is just a bad, bad person.

I wonder if Bubba is rooting for her recovery or her demise? If she croaks then he won’t be the first male FLOTUS in American history. He already is holding the claim as the first black POTUS (which I believe is true).

Thanks for zinging it to him professor. He will not thank you for it, that’s for sure, but oh was reading this exchange fun!!!

I notice Andrew does not seem as fixated on Hillary’s uterus as…..

Very good, Prof. J.

Wicked, wicked, wicked 🙂

Chris Hitchens once said something to the effect that never in history, prior to the Palin / Trig affair, had a gay man been so obsessed with a woman’s birth canal. We should never let Mr. Sullivan forget that.

    If he were here, he would gently correct you: my name is Christopher.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to stevewhitemd. | December 31, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Sarah actually embodied the feminist ideal of de medicalizing , de glorifying birth .That it was a natural process that should be handed back to women & midwives unless deemed a risk to baby or mother.

    Women used to have 8 births .By the time one gets to number 5 it is ho hum.

    Sullivan obviously did not mix with feminists or women.

    Maybe he went on one of those rebirthing events where you pay big bucks to crawl out of a tube repeatedly until you emerge happy & smiling .

Hillary Clinton had an episode of thrombophlebitis in 1998. With no evidence, I surmise that Hillary had some sort of ailment (concussion?) recently and, while recovering, was lying around, fairly inactive, and developed another blood clot in her leg.

    Why not a simple, succinct medical report? Why does this administration have to make every single thing so damned convoluted?

    “Mrs. Clinton was discovered to have a ________ blood clot. It is thought to be a result of _______.” [Or — “We are uncertain as to its cause.”) Simple.

    A DVT (blood clot in a vein in the leg) is quite a different animal than a subdural hematoma (blood clot in the skull between the skull and the brain). Both could be life threatenting. BUT if the gossip out there is her DVT is from sitting around after her concussion that is BS, plain and simple. One does not have to “sit around” after a concusion mild enough not to require a CT scan and / or hospital observation. (Been there, done that, including getting knocked totally out.)

    She is far more likely to have developed a DVT from all her 110+ international trips sitting in a plane.

    The blood clot be from the alleged concussion (a subdural hematoma, most likely in that case and given the time lapse since the undocumented “conscussion.” But in that case the chatter about DVT is total mis/dis information.

    I see they have a local doctor commenting now.

    I want to know what happened at Benghazi and why 4 Maericans died there on Hillary’s and Obama’s watch.

    Crawford in reply to nomadic100. | December 31, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    I think it’s infinitely more likely she had a “clot” in order to provide an excuse for avoiding testifying, again. Her history of perjury and dodging is longer than her history of medical problems.

    My elderly mother is recovering from a very serious subdural hematoma as I write. (? anticoagulants were never an option.)

    Although they state Clinton should recover just fine, she will now have a ready excuse for “I don’t remember.” (© Rose Law Frim records, FBI records of Republicans, cattle futures …)

Booyah, Professor!

Ha-ha! Love your music selection for the day, professor. Happy New Year everyone!

I’m going to bet that every day people are admitted to hospitals with a blood clot in their leg (just like Hilary’s). And I’ll bet that many of those people NEVER had a concussion. Call me a pervert.

If ANYONE is an expert on perverse, it’s Sullivan.

BannedbytheGuardian | December 31, 2012 at 11:26 pm

:Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot testify because she is a clot.


Dr Banned Bythe [ guardian ].