Since Professors Reynolds and Althouse already have linked to it, it won’t seem like shameless self-promotion for me to link to Five Bloggers I’d Like To See On FOX News written by Aleister at American Glob:

5. Ed Morrissey

Hot Air is one of the best conservative blogs on the web and Ed Morrissey drives most of the content on the site. I’ve seen Hot Air cited on Special Report with Bret Baier but I’ve never seen Ed Morrissey offer commentary on camera….

4. John Hinderaker

Powerline is a daily must-read blog for anyone who’s interested in American politics from a conservative perspective…. FOX News viewers would benefit from his take on national issues.

3. Ann Althouse

No one on the right side of the blogosphere covered the story of Scott Walker vs. the unions in Wisconsin more closely than Ann Althouse and yet I never saw her featured on FOX to report her first person observations. She had original videos, photos and interviews with people on the ground.

2. William Jacobson

[I’m much too humble to print the kind things he says about me, even if they are true, so you’ll have to click over to read it.]

1. Glenn Reynolds

There is simply no other conservative libertarian blogger who wields more influence than Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. If you watch the prime time line-up on FOX News any given night and then read Instapundit, you will find that many of the stories featured on FOX were covered by Glenn earlier in the day. Why he is not a frequent featured guest on FOX News is an absolute mystery to me.


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