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Laughing in their faces

Laughing in their faces

From Gabriella Hoffman, the daughter of Soviet immigrants, two gems.

If they could laugh in the face of Soviet Russia …


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It would’ve been great to see President Reagan and Yakov Smirnoff share a stage.

Greg Gutfeld at the Reagan Library on meeting Reagan as a young man, life at UC Berkeley, and other things:

legalizehazing | December 3, 2012 at 8:33 pm

Excellent stuff!

I love former Soviet economist Yuri N Maltsev’s lectures. His perspective, stats, and jokes make for a great video.

There’s several over at the Mises Institute

On his dying day will Barack Obama will never have had the twinkle in his eye or lightness in his voice Ronald Reagan had. He is incapable of it. In addition to all the rest, he and his administration are a collection of grim-faced sourpusses.

If they could laugh in the face of Soviet Russia …

… then let’s laugh the feckless Kenyan off stage. Here’s a brilliant retort to Moochelle’s lunch program.

That Reagan video was depressing. Only because it reminded me of when an American president was unabashedly enthusiastic about the country.