Wow, isn’t this convenient.

An unnamed ATF official hopes that David Gregory and NBC News do not get prosecuted for violating D.C.’s clear law prohibiting the possession or transfer of high capacity ammunition magazines because it’s all just a misunderstanding (h/t The Patriot Perspective):

But ABC News has learned from an official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that NBC had reached out to the federal agency on Friday for advice before displaying the weaponry.

According to the ATF official, the agency noted that ATF doesn’t enforce D.C. gun laws, but agreed to put the question to a couple of Washington police officers who’ve worked with the agency in the past.

The D.C. officers advised the ATF spokesman that Gregory could display the magazine, provided it was empty, the source said.

That turned out to be bad advice, as conservative media and gun rights activists were first to note. The ATF official describes this as a “misunderstanding,” and says he hopes DC police will not bring charges.

Seriously, NBC News relied upon what some police officer told ATF which told NBC News? Wouldn’t anyone with half a brain reach out to the D.C. Police directly?

Yes, of course, that’s exactly what NBC News did, it contacted the Metropolitan Police Department directly and was told that it was against the law and they were not permitted to use the magazine on the television show. Yet NBC News did it anyway, and now the defense is that someone told someone who told us it was okay?

That’s no “misunderstanding.” Also, NBC has a legal department, did the show contact that department which would have found the answer pretty easily?

And anyway, the law does not require a knowing violation.

Would ABC News or any of the other media outlets dragged to the story treat Fox News this way? Or a Republican?  Or Wayne LaPierre?

The media is circling the wagons around NBC News, as Politico documents, Media disdain for the David Gregory story:

Some political and media types weren’t impressed by headlines this week reporting that D.C. police are investigating the alleged display of a gun magazine on NBC’s Meet the Press. They took to the Internet with their disdain for the story.

Notice another thing missing from the media treatment?

All the usual suspects who play the race and the white privilege cards against Republicans are silent.

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