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Elizabeth Warren to be first Native American in White House since …

Elizabeth Warren to be first Native American in White House since …

It’s bad enough that people already are talking about Elizabeth Warren being a serious candidate for President in 2016, President Elizabeth Warren:

Few people have a better and more appealing story and background to seize that opportunity than Elizabeth Warren.

Which “more appealing story and background” would that be? 

The one in which she falsely claimed Native American status in the Association of American Law School directories, which were used as a hiring resource, so that she supposedly could meet others like her for lunch?  Or the one in which she falsely reported herself to Harvard and Penn Law Schools as Native American for federal reporting purposes even though she didn’t meet the federal definition?  Or the one which which she accused her father’s family of being racist against Indians such her parents had to elope, even though all the evidence is that there was no elopement or anti-Indian racism?  Or the one in which ….

Everyone knows she’s not Native American.

So you can imagine my shock when I saw this quote from Michael Barone in The Boston Herald in a column by Michael Graham, Leftie Liz on Obama’s path to prez?

If she does run, she could make history, said Barone: “She’d be the first Native American in the White House since Vice President Charles Curtis, who was one-quarter Kaw Indian.”

What!?! Shirley he can’t be serious.  And he’s not, providing me with this clarification:

It was intended as a humorous comment.

We have to be careful when it comes to Warren’s false claim to be Native American.

While Warren’s ridiculous explanations are humorous, her conduct in assuming a Native American identity solely for employment and career purposes was not funny.

Joke carefully, there could be children watching, children who will never be taught the truth about the progressive hero, and possible presidential contender.


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Elizabeth Warren’s claim insults every person with legitimate Indian ancestry in America.

Barone said Romney would win in a landslide too. The man has lost all credibility. The foremost political annalist my ass.

If we can have a Hussein in the White House, this wannabe Pocohantas has to be taken seriously…

….and planned against.

We are indeed, a nation of firsts. I can’t wait for the first dwarf lesbian single mother who raised her kids as vegetarians, to claim that honor for residence at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue.

Really don’t see the Hillary Combine leaving much of any substance after rolling over Warren.

I wonder if she could become president if she passes a bill in MA that says you cannot drive off a bridge at night with a young woman in your car and leave her to drown (and with no gun involved?

Her tribal members (i.e., the Bolshevik tribe) have her on the fast track because they have great plans for her. So it is two years [of voting “present”] in the senate, then two years of campaigning for her next position. (Either that, or First Female Native American Bolshevik Justice!)

Obama tells a lot of jokes too, aka “lies”. They are so ludicrous that no informed person believes them, but the 75% that get all their news from the networks or Media Matters, they are the gospel.

My favorite is that Obama care will make my rates go down, or when the deficit was a half trillion, and he promised to cut it in half.

Too bad America believes most of the jokes the left keeps telling.

Elizabeth Warren for President?! That’s funny. It’s one thing to win a Senate election in Massachusetts, its another thing altogether to run for President. If the Democrats are going to nominate a woman in her mid-to-late 60s, they’re going to nominate Hillary Clinton.

As for the first Native American to serve as one of two leaders of the Executive Branch, we’ve already had one. His name was Charles Curtis, Herbert Hoover’s Vice President.

I expect her to be as successful as the last three presidential candidates from MA. Speaking as someone who actually is 1/32 Cherokee and can easily prove it, can’t wait for my homette to take the WH!

As a biologist, I can professionally assure Mr. Barone that a great-great-great grandfather being spat upon by Cherokees in the infamous Trail of Tears is an insufficient means of transferring Cherokee DNA to her family (–brushes-claims.html)

Of course, for liberals, simply “identifying” as a protected class is sufficient evidence for them for such fraudulent claims.

Still waiting for the Mass Bar to give us a determination about her illegal law practice…