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Alanis is Canadian for courage

Alanis is Canadian for courage

This is courage week for Canada. 

First, a very strong statement of support for Israel at the U.N.

Now, unlike Stevie Wonder, who cancelled a pro-Israel concert under mild pressure from the U.N. and anti-Israel groups, Alanis Morissette, the Canadian singer, has arrived in Israel for a concert despite calls from the lunatic and vicious anti-Israel BDS movement for her to cancel.

Via Arutz Sheva:

Supporters of the cultural boycott of the State of Israel have targeted Canadian singer Alanis Morissette over her scheduled performance in the Jewish state, calling on her to “shun Tel Aviv.”

A seven-time Grammy winner, Morissette is set to give a concert in Tel Aviv on Monday, for the first time since she performed in Israel since 2000, The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported.

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, however, is urging her to cancel at the last minute, due to the recent Gaza conflict and ongoing political situation.

“We would find it especially disturbing should you choose to play in Israel given its recent onslaught on Gaza,” the campaign group said in an open message to the vocal artist. “Palestinian civil society groups are calling on artists to shun Tel Aviv in the same way that South African activists called on artists to boycott Sun City.”

The comparison to South Africa is more of the same vile and false propaganda meant to delegitimize Israel, which is multi-racial; roughly half of Israeli Jews are from or the descendents of Jews from Arab lands expelled after the creation of Israel.

Perhaps the lunatics (but I repeat myself) at BDS would prefer Morissette to play in one of the Islamic countries where gays are stoned to death or driven underground under family threat (like in “Palestine”), or where women are treated like slaves.

As reported at The Times of Israel, Morissette has arrived undeterred:

Morissette decided to expedite her arrival so that her family could enjoy a few days in Israel, including a visit to Jerusalem’s Old City.

The singer, best known for her 1995 album “Jagged Little Pill,” which has sold in excess of 33 million copies worldwide, said she was “delighted” to return to the country. “I had a great time in Israel professionally, spiritually and emotionally,” she said in a media statement.

Twitchy has the details on the Twitter fight, and includes this great video:

 You can buy-cott her albums at Amazon.


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I am impressed with Canada. How the world changes, at least how America changes thanks to Obama. Perhaps Canada will keep the flame of freedom alive until America can elect a president who does not want to extinguish it.

    PhillyGuy in reply to Rick. | December 3, 2012 at 9:54 am

    I wouldn’t get too excited about all of Canada. The British Columbia Human Rights Commission did a number on Mark Steyn’s freedom of speech.

Support for Israel is often surprising. John Podheretz tweeted a surprising interview with Bill Maher the other day. Maher surprised me:

HJ: I know you’ve been to Israel and that you’re part Jewish. What’s your view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? How optimistic are you that they’ll find a two-state solution?

BM: I’m optimistic that it’ll get worked out in the same way I’m optimistic that Marijuana will be legal all across the country; perhaps not in my lifetime, but at some point. But I’ve never hid the fact that I don’t think it’s a conflict where both sides are equally guilty. I’m more on the side of the Israelis; that’s why Benjamin Netanyahu did my show a few years ago, before he was Prime Minister.

HJ: Why are you more on the side of Israelis?

BM: Take this conflict; here, everyone in the newspapers, the pundits, they talk about it like it’s very complicated. It’s not that complicated: Stop firing rockets into Israel and perhaps they won’t annihilate you. I mean, it’s so crazy when you look at these images on TV. Ok, they just had a little war. It lasted a week like most Israeli wars do; the Israelis lost a handful of people, shot down most of the rockets, and the neighborhoods in Gaza are devastated. They’re rubble. They lost over 1,000 people and yet somehow Palestinians are celebrating in the streets? I don’t get this celebrating when you just totally got your ass kicked.

Ah, a diversity of individuals. We will never have a universal consensus on all issues; but, there may be sufficient intersections to live and work in peace.

First, Lindsay Lohan (a public figure I can’t stand) comes out for Romney.

Then, Morrissette, (whose voice I can’t stand – it reminds of of a cat screeching) comes out for Israel.

What’s next? — Pelosi for defunding Obamacare?

The ballerina blames Netanyahu for treating Obama badly. What did Netanyahu do?

“Emanuel also said that the White House expects that Netanyahu’s treatment of President Barack Obama will be different, especially at this time.

He said the President was not willing to accept degrading treatment by the Israeli Prime Minister. “It is inconceivable that the Prime Minister would behave the way Netanyahu is behaving,” said Emanuel, according to Channel 2.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that President Obama had been shocked to hear about the Israeli government’s decision to approve the construction of 3,000 Jewish homes in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem in response to the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral move at the United Nations.”

So the Ballerina and Obama are threatening Israel, Chicago-style: that’s a nice little country you’ve got there. I wouldn’t like to see it overrun.

Note to the Ballerina and Obama: you are not God. Some men trust in chariots and some in horses. If Israel trusts in God, nothing Obama does will matter.

In fact, Obama had better remember what happened to Herod, of whom some people said ‘he’s like a god’ because of the radiance of his clothing, and repent. God didn’t forget to pass swift and summary judgment on Herod, just as he will on Obama who has been proclaimed lord and savior by that ass-hat, Jamie Foxx, and who did not publicly chastise Foxx for such blasphemy.

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I was not a big Alanis Morissette fan until now. I have little or no respect for the Abbas or any or any of the others who have created this mess.
It was not the Jews who have caused the problems in the Middle East. The Jews (Israelis) have shown amazing restraint, more than I could possibly muster, in the region to date.
Kudos to Ms. Morissette for her courage
James Douglass
Garden City, Kansas

It’s a sad commentary when the women of our culture have bigger stones than the men.

I’ll second what my cross-border neighbor Jim said, “Kudos to Ms. Morissette for her courage.”

[…] elsewhere throw around the term “apartheid,” but as Prof. William Jacobson asserts  at Legal Insurrection, “roughly half of Israeli Jews are from or the descendents of Jews from Arab lands expelled […]