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What’s the chance?

What’s the chance?

From Thomas on October 11:

I went to your website to get your take on last night’s Brown-Warren debate, and I started leafing through your archives. I found your post entitled, I want this person to cry herself to sleep on November 6, with the photo of the Suzuki (of course; if not, it would be a Subaru) plastered with leftward bumper stickers.

The amazing part is that I took a photo of the same exact clown car on July 27, 2012 – more than two months ahead of your blog post – parked in front of a Stoughton, Massachusetts pizza place. Check the date in the file properties. Uncanny.

I have two thoughts here: first, now that I know this silly person swims in local waters, this car is going to be my Great White Whale. I need to follow the growth of the sticker inventory post-election. Especially if Romney and Brown win.

Second, it was spotted outside a rib joint in the photo you posted, and a pizza joint in mine – this person is obviously not buying into the Michelle Obama war on fatty foods. The only real question is whether she (had to be a she) paid for her binge eating with an EBT card.

Keep up the good fight, Professor.


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Hmmmmm, would a person who has a cluttered sticker display also have a cluttered house?

Big time loser.

There is a spot missing a sticker on the bumper.

The bad news?

She doesn’t have Pittakionophobia (fear of stickers).

“Especially if Romney and Brown win.”

This made my heart clench. Ah, to still have hope instead of all this dismalnessicality.