From Thomas on October 11:

I went to your website to get your take on last night’s Brown-Warren debate, and I started leafing through your archives. I found your post entitled, I want this person to cry herself to sleep on November 6, with the photo of the Suzuki (of course; if not, it would be a Subaru) plastered with leftward bumper stickers.

The amazing part is that I took a photo of the same exact clown car on July 27, 2012 – more than two months ahead of your blog post – parked in front of a Stoughton, Massachusetts pizza place. Check the date in the file properties. Uncanny.

I have two thoughts here: first, now that I know this silly person swims in local waters, this car is going to be my Great White Whale. I need to follow the growth of the sticker inventory post-election. Especially if Romney and Brown win.

Second, it was spotted outside a rib joint in the photo you posted, and a pizza joint in mine – this person is obviously not buying into the Michelle Obama war on fatty foods. The only real question is whether she (had to be a she) paid for her binge eating with an EBT card.

Keep up the good fight, Professor.