We posted previously how the Fordham College Republicans cancelled Ann Coulter’s appearance after severe criticism from the university President, College Republicans at Fordham Rescind Invitation to Ann Coulter After Being Attacked by University President.

We noted a lament by a student, Fordham College Republican — “we surrendered” by cancelling Ann Coulter

We followed up today with a guest post by an officer of The FIRE, Fordham welcomes infanticide advocate Peter Singer after attacking Ann Coulter invite, noting Fordham’s hypocrisy.

It’s getting worse, much worse.

The Fordham President’s attack on the Fordham Republicans apparently inspired, or at least was in sync with, personal attacks on certain Fordham Republican members, as reported by YAF:

It is a shame that some of the club’s leadership felt compelled to quickly send out this apology and cancel the event. In fact, several members of the club’s leadership—including Emily Harman, the club’s vice president, and longtime Foundation activist and the current secretary John Mantia—did not want the club to apologize.

Additionally, while he eagerly lambasted the club for wanting to host Ann Coulter, the University’s president failed to draw attention to the hateful attacks some of the club members faced leading up to the now-cancelled event. One club member, Christina Marquis, was called a “racist” on a tumblr blog posted by a Fordham graduate, [name removed 11-17-2012 see below]. The blog has since been removed, but we have posted a screen shot.

Here’s the screen shot from YAF, in which a Fordham student activist accused a Fordham Republican student of racism:

The comments on the Fordham Facebook page have been removed, but perhaps some enterprising readers know how to retrieve them.

This story now is a major priority at Legal Insurrection and College Insurrection.  This isn’t about Ann Coulter.  It’s about the tyranny on college campuses.

There is more information which we expect to be able to bring forward, and we intend on holding Fordham accountable.

Update:  I have requested an interview with the President of Fordham.  I will keep you informed if I receive a response.

Aleister at College Insurrection (and American Glob) alerted me to this irony from 2006, Chris Matthews to Speak at 161st Commencement.

Update 11-17-2012 — The person named in the YAF post quoted above contacted me and indicated she was not involved and does not know why someone used her name, and requested her name be removed.  Based on that representation I removed her name from the quote.


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