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The emerging Fordham scandal over its cancellation of Ann Coulter

The emerging Fordham scandal over its cancellation of Ann Coulter

We posted previously how the Fordham College Republicans cancelled Ann Coulter’s appearance after severe criticism from the university President, College Republicans at Fordham Rescind Invitation to Ann Coulter After Being Attacked by University President.

We noted a lament by a student, Fordham College Republican — “we surrendered” by cancelling Ann Coulter

We followed up today with a guest post by an officer of The FIRE, Fordham welcomes infanticide advocate Peter Singer after attacking Ann Coulter invite, noting Fordham’s hypocrisy.

It’s getting worse, much worse.

The Fordham President’s attack on the Fordham Republicans apparently inspired, or at least was in sync with, personal attacks on certain Fordham Republican members, as reported by YAF:

It is a shame that some of the club’s leadership felt compelled to quickly send out this apology and cancel the event. In fact, several members of the club’s leadership—including Emily Harman, the club’s vice president, and longtime Foundation activist and the current secretary John Mantia—did not want the club to apologize.

Additionally, while he eagerly lambasted the club for wanting to host Ann Coulter, the University’s president failed to draw attention to the hateful attacks some of the club members faced leading up to the now-cancelled event. One club member, Christina Marquis, was called a “racist” on a tumblr blog posted by a Fordham graduate, [name removed 11-17-2012 see below]. The blog has since been removed, but we have posted a screen shot.

Here’s the screen shot from YAF, in which a Fordham student activist accused a Fordham Republican student of racism:

The comments on the Fordham Facebook page have been removed, but perhaps some enterprising readers know how to retrieve them.

This story now is a major priority at Legal Insurrection and College Insurrection.  This isn’t about Ann Coulter.  It’s about the tyranny on college campuses.

There is more information which we expect to be able to bring forward, and we intend on holding Fordham accountable.

Update:  I have requested an interview with the President of Fordham.  I will keep you informed if I receive a response.

Aleister at College Insurrection (and American Glob) alerted me to this irony from 2006, Chris Matthews to Speak at 161st Commencement.

Update 11-17-2012 — The person named in the YAF post quoted above contacted me and indicated she was not involved and does not know why someone used her name, and requested her name be removed.  Based on that representation I removed her name from the quote.


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Thanks, Prof., for keeping this out in the open. The left’s wholesale corruption of America’s education system is one of their successful tactics that has led to our fallen position. While I despair for our country, I applaud efforts like yours to keep us motivated.

Excellent post, Professor. Thanks for keeping this story alive. I have two kids at Fordham and although I always knew public education, universities and colleges are all liberal indoctrination centers, I was hoping that Fordham would at the very least allow for the free and open exchange of ideas. I was wrong. Apparently if the ideas don’t suit the liberal agenda, they’re not allowed.
Fr. McShane is not only a foe to Conservatives, he’s a foe to faithful Catholics.
He’s not the role model I want for my kids.

Classy joint…..

Color (heh) me unsurprised. The Jesuits long ago forsook their God for their true religion, Marxism.

    theduchessofkitty in reply to ThomasD. | November 14, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    You can say that again. When I was in college, I knew people who were professors at Fordham – one SJ and a nun (SC). Both were Marxists. And I went to an Ursuline college – also turned Left.

    Too many Catholic orders have betrayed their Church for the world. And I say so as a non-Catholic.

I’m REALLY liking the proposal I think I read on InstaPundit the other day…

in the name of revenue enhancement, let’s just seize all the big college and non-profit endowments.


Too often tolerant progressives are anything but.

    Fascism 2.0, done under the guise of “tolerance” to give it credibility.

    I have yet to hear a leftist explain to me why a woman can do as she pleases with her own body, except have a 20-ounce drink.

Excellent work. Thanks so much.

This makes much more sense once you appreciate what is called the Lumina Foundation Diploma Qualifications Profile. With Obama’s reelection and Arne Duncan having given the accreditation agencies the loss of participation in the federal student loan program for noncompliance, this political vision and whether students have desired Attributes and Dispositions and Values is coming. is where I described the DQP.

Basically now you have higher ed where the heads are fighting this affective push and other places that are embracing it.

Like Yale’s New head is the inventor of the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Think about that before taking out a 2nd mortgage to go to New Haven. Or Davidson taking $45 million from the Duke Endowment to radically reshape the nature of liberal arts education.

PS Civic Engagement Centers are a bad sign.

And always read the course catalogs of even the most prestigious schools lest you pay out the nose for 4 years of Keynesian modelling with computers.

I hope this works out better than the Princess Senator from Massachusetts priority!

Thank you for the good work professor. These incidents happen because people believe they can get away with it. They need to be proven wrong. These people need to be called out. The liberal hold on education and suppression of ideas of speech is at least as big a threat to our freedom as the media.

You have to hand it to those Catholics. No amount of their own hypocrisy seems to phase them. Really, if it were not pathetic it would be entertaining.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if they went for Obama in 2012?

Wait …

Sometimes referred to as “God’s Marines”, many Jesuits today are simply Obama foot soldiers. And a few straggling, camp followers. Fordham. Georgetown (my alma mater — a dubious honor indeed — shared by Sandra Fluke and the great prevaricator Stephanie Cutter I believe.) To the Jesuits so proud of their intellect, it can also be said, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Willy in reply to gracepmc. | November 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    A good number of the priests at the Jesuit university I attended were gay drug users. I had some gay friends who hung out with them. Kind of surreal.

Apparently this is not a site I should even be on. I was browsing around and thought there could be some rational dialogue. But I see now that this site subscribes to Coulter’s brand of reporting — incite, make drama where there is none, get everyone worked up over nothing. Sheesh. This “emerging scandal” is about some idiot calling someone a racist on the internet, which was quickly removed, yet wait, we have a screenshot! What a scandal!

    Willy in reply to maryom. | November 14, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    The point was about the double standard. But I agree that you should not visit sites with rational dialogue.

      maryom in reply to Willy. | November 14, 2012 at 8:59 pm

      So you’re saying that I missed the point, and the part about, ‘It’s gettng worse, much worse.’ has nothing to do with the emerging scandal being talked about. OK. the emerging scandal is that King is invited to speak, someone who supports abortion. That is the scandal? I would think inviting King shows they are open to differing opinions, and they just think Coulter is an entertainer who shouldn’t be confused with a political analyst, and she certainly shouldn’t be paid to spout her nonsense at their university. Nothing wrong with that.

casualobserver | November 14, 2012 at 3:31 pm

The most perplexing aspect to the near full shift of colleges of all types and sizes, religious or not, to being progressive (not just liberal) to a fault is that there is no sign of disdain or shunning from their supporters. I get it that many students who don’t agree, or are more open-minded than the nearly closed-minded academic culture, will continue to opt for their sheepskin because it serves them well only at the expense of 4 years of suffering through the horrible culture. and, of course, there is little chance they will ever be penalized by a reduction in taxpayer dollars and the myriad of channels through which those dollars arrive.

But surely many of those wealthy alums and donors to endowments are not fully on board. Yet, the endowments seem to not suffer from contributions but only from the crap economy. Are most all endowment contributors progressive? Or are they simply less concerned with the future of academia and more concerned with their legacies? It’s a real mystery.

Fordham is no longer a Catholic University any more than Georgetown and other formerly Catholic Institutions were considered Catholic. Don’t talk to me about Jesuits. They have become sophists and dissembling Progressive/Socialist/Marxists. God? What God.

Fordham must be SUED… get help from FIRE, Conservative Students of Fordham. The University Administration is trampling on your First Amendment Rights.

Sue them and compel them to “recant”… the Jesuits of old would have been proud.

So the language of the streets and gutters is now appropriate language for the website of a Catholic university?

Pamela Maginnis apparently does not follow the dietary recommendations put out by the First Wookie. Maybe things will improve for her after Hizoner bans those 32-ounce sugary drinks.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 14, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Peter Singer is Libertarian to the core. He was too much for us so we exported him to the Us where some college or Think Tank pays for his vampire philosophy.