I noted the other day the odd attack by various StopRush activists on one of their own, #StopRush turns on itself, devolves into name calling, accusations.

Now the details are coming out, and it turns out that StopRush was infiltrated by a Blue Dog type Democrat who didn’t like their online tactics.  That person, who was the subject of the attacks in the post above, has released various audio recordings and other evidence showing how one of the organizers of StopRush (who uses the Twitter name @Shoq) claimed to have close ties to Organizing for America and Van Jones.

@Shoq worked with Media Matters to launch the effort against Limbaugh, and is the Twitter user who frequently threatens to drag people at Cornell into an effort against me because of my writings about the Limbaugh secondary boycott.

The details resulting from the infiltration are revealed at the The Trenches website, StopRush’s Own Illegally Recorded Phone Call Exposes OFA, Soros, Van Jones, and 500 Automated Twitter Accounts, including the alleged true identity of “Shoq.”

Stacy McCain points out that one of the things about which Shoq complained on the recordings is that conservatives on Twitter were “counterattacking”:

During the conference call with other “Stop Rush” activists, Edelstein says “it’s making me crazy [that] Michelle Malkin is launching a new counterattack” against his group’s boycott effort. Edelstein also expressed concern about Dana Loesch and James O’Keefe, defended MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball, and worried that someone had discovered “one of my plant names that I use on the web to confuse the Right.”

I always knew that the StopRush effort was not what it seemed.  I can only expect that the people behind StopRush will lash out even more viciously than before.


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