As longtime readers know, I was greatly influenced by Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book.

One of the ways to cheat the Post Office in the book was to address an envelope to yourself, and use the return address for the person you wanted to send it to, without any postage.  That way, the Post Office would return it to the “sender” for free because of no postage.

Reader Tim engages in a variation of that theme:

My little way of getting usps some more money to limit what out bailout will cost, and cost the lefty campaigns more cash.

This one is anti Thom Goolsby, the state senator from Wilmington NC.

“Yes, let’s put the left back in charge in NC so we can borrow more money to cover the gap in the budget and raise taxes some more, actually, no thanks!” “I want to keep Thom and the crew that balanced the budget.”