You know Pallywood, the Palestinian industry devoted to manipulating the Western press through fake injuries and damage from Israelis.

It’s back in Gaza, once again.

Via Honest Reporting (h/t Right Scoop):

Don’t think it’s just during war. This video shows how Palestinians push their children forward to try to get a reaction from Israeli troops on the West Bank, hoping for that special video moment that can go viral. First a video which was circulated last week which has almost 300,000 YouTube views, and is spread not only by Palestininans but by leftist Jews:

Now the behind the scenes:

What kind of people deliberately put their children in harm’s way and use them as props for Pallywood?

The same people who fire rockets from sensitive civilian areas like schools and hide in hospitals because they know the Israelis will not intentionally bomb a hospital:

The Palestinians would intentionally bomb a hospital, and have tried to do so:

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