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More on the darling Ms. Wafa al-Biss

More on the darling Ms. Wafa al-Biss

Recently released, already calling on school children to hope for martyrdom.

Some more background (h/t @MargieInTelAviv)[Note, I substituted the original NBC video for the YouTube version as a reader pointed out that the last frame of the YouTube video includes links to some offensive videos):


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Cassandra Lite | October 22, 2011 at 10:59 am

It’s easier to die for an imagined state than work to build one. Anyone who thinks the Palestinian “cause” is statehood as opposed to Jew hatred hasn’t been paying attention.

I know two things about this creature: she delights in killing $Jews; and, she delights in teaching children to hate and skill Jews.

After that, there’s no need to learn anything else about her.

[…] More on this story from Professor Jacobson. Amazing how many of the people who would have liked to see Amanda Knox rot in prison think it’s just great this creature was released as part of the Gilad Shalit deal. […]

The sooner we recognized that civilization is dealing with entire groups of Homicidal Psychopaths (characterized primarily by a lack of empathy, remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness); be it PLO terrorists, jihadists, Marxists OWS and their enablers…

…the less likely we are to put ourselves in harm’s way through foolish concessions and unrequited generosity.

We need to pray these people back to hell with the devil.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to texaszea. | October 23, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Normally, as a Christian, I would pray for their conversion so they might come to the True Faith. However, the Arab Christians seem to be the most despicable haters of Jews. They engage in the vilest Jew-hard in a vain bid to side with the Muslims in an even gainer hope that the Muslims won’t chop their heads off. After the “Christians” of Bethlehem lied their fool heads off and blamed the Jews for the reduced numbers of Christians–personally, I’m pissed at Israel for letting the Muslims have Bethlehem and Hebron–what did they get? Their just reward. They’ve been hounded and slaughtered by their Arab Muslims to such an extent that they’ve fled.

    So, I dunno. Maybe I’ll pray for the Arab Christians to see the light and tell the truth. Then I’ll pray for the conversion of the Muslims. Leaving them in their hellish ideology will only produce more of the same, and eventually we’ll be forced to damn our souls and bomb them to hell when we get fed up of them attacking and killing us.

Years ago I remember seeing on Frontline an expose on all the madrassahs these cultures were building. It was horrifying and quite far away, nothing that would affect us now.

Now that this culture has blossomed, can you even imagine Frontline showing that same video?

There was also video from inside a dictator’s camp, I think it was Saddam Hussein, that someone had smuggled out showing him ridiculing, torturing and killing an innocent.

Can you even imagine THAT video being shown now, at least on MSM?

i would put her in a small room and then give her another bomb that works …. and then say “go ahead” 🙂